Gamer's Review - Plants Vs Zombies Game of the Year Edition

There a zombie on your lawn....What I can say how this tower defense game is, its simple to learn and extremely addictive.
you arsenal at night...and mustaches

zen garden
Its quite simple you have to defend your suburban lawn from invading brain eating zombies armed with only a bunch of deadly but cute plants on your lawn. Each plant has different type of abilities  for example the peashooter will constantly shot peas at zombies in their lane while wall nuts have the most defense. As with any tower game...the playing field is divided up into lanes and you have to make sure each lane is well defended or esle a zombie will slip past you and eat your brains!!!! The zombies in question range from the normal minions, armored (aka cone headed and buckets) zombies to the rare zombie yetis. The types of
zombies ascend in difficulty and tactics with higher levels.....forcing you to get ready and arrange you plant army accordingly
mini game mode...tiny zombies!

To those who find the normal mode abit repetative or looking for any mode of play there are various different mini games including zombie aquarium, zen garden, and survival mode. I love the humor of it all.....i mean its cute little plants versus zombies who body parts pop off is they lose HP. Very cartoony and whacky off.with no blood....except the mention rotting body parts popping off.

And now a little something from the Plants Vs Zombies youtube channel.....HIT IT SUNFLOWER!!!

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