Gamer's Review - Machinarium

I got this game as a gift from my university days and it was the first Steam game I have ever got. My first impressions when I saw the preview picture was this is an interesting game. Machinarium is a point click adventure from Czech studios Amanita Studios and wow that was pleasant gift to find in your email box.

You play the hero robot Josef who has ended up in a junk pile in the outskirts of robotic city. To find out what happened you have to guide him towards that goal. In the opening scenes you a quick tutorial on how to control Josef such as the fact you can only interact with objects within reach and you can extend his torso to reach places above you....basic traits of point-click adventure. Story and art wise everyone is a robot and did not speak in normal terms but rather everyone speaks through a series of speech bubble visuals.

As for the world itself...its interesting, a very sketchy pencil feel and a palette of brown earthen tones....like rust. All the robots in this world and the architecture itself seem to be both formed by bolts and rivets and strangely grown from the earth itself....its an organic and mechanical feel. The cast is diverse...you have robotic wild life, robots which seem to be made out of ordinary household objects and the evil black capped thug robots.

Would I suggest getting this....I would say yes for it whimsy, robotic and artistic feel....

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