Gamer's Review - Limbo

Sorry got a little distracted and forgot to post something on my blog in a long while....so how about a horror gem.

Limbo is an indie adventure game with heavy platforming elements. They are no health meter, no number enemies to fight back and no limit on how many times you can die....believe me you die alot in this game. The  only goal is to guide a boy to his missing sister while trying to avoid the dangers of the forest. The main treat in this nightmare world is a titanic sized spider. To pass obstacles, trial and error are the key to learning about the problem at hand, so don't get offended when you keep dying. Me not being used to platforming elements it was a bit madding for me but I was still delighted at some..."wow that's clever"....for example in the opening stages of the game you have to stay far away from a spider's leg or else it will stab and kill you. However further on in the adventure you encounter another "spider leg" the first instinct is run away....however this spider leg is a mechanical fake and to get past it you have to walk towards it.

The art style and atmosphere is really where the game shines or rather gloom in a very good way.  The entire color palette is monochrome black and white with the characters appearing as silhouettes, plus there is no music, talking or much noise except things like branches breaking, footsteps....all of them adding to the horror nature of the game. There is no blood (good for people like me who are terrified of blood) but the gruesome factor is still very high. The previously mentioned titanic spider and a tribe of kids who defend their fort alias Lord of the Flies.

For those looking for a physiological horror without the blood I would suggest this game.

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