Con Report - Tsukino Con 2013

How often do have ferry to Vancouver with people carrying prop weapons and in "part" cosplay....its just an ordianry trip when you're blogging on ferry bound from Tsukino Con 2013 in Victoria, British Columbia. I used to come to this con in my University days and now for the first time I come here because I volunteering as a gym leader in the Pokemon League.

For most of the convention time, I was hanging around the gaming rooms because well...I'm a gym leader with the Tsukino Con Pokemon League. Just like in the games there 8 of us and you have to beat at least 7 of us to go on into the champions where the prize on the line was a copy of Pokemon Black or White 2. Plus we had other prizes like raffles, and pokemon league points on the line. Unlike the games we gym leaders choose our own theme like for example, I was the Pledge Badge gym. My gym was all starter pokemon and each were equipped with the pledge moves which can be combined for the special combo bonus effect and added power.....which caused headaches and shock for trainers who were not aware of such moves. Just say there were alot of rainbows, swamps and journeying through the fire and flames in my gym battles. How do you over come my gym? One strategy used was...flinch or take out one pokemon so a combo move cannot be set up. The trick thing about pledge moves is....both pokemon must be alive and able to attack. If you defeat a gym..you get a very real badge (aka button). I designed my badge's design by first drawing in ink the leaf, water drop and flame design, scanning it and then tinted the colour filters pink. Although gym leaders were not require to do this...I made my own gym leader clothing from scrap fabric at home. It's a the floral pink riding cloak with painted on poke ball designs. I even did my manicure...Tri Colour (Red, Green, Blue) with matching water, flame, and flower glitter overlays (all of them from Rainbow Honey)
All Base Colours are two OPI's and one unknown brand covered with Sally Hansen Black Crackle with Rainbow Honey glitter overlays...guess which colour is which.

In addition to doing gym leader duties....I explored the artist alley. Nice selection this year. I got cute buttons, which included one commission of one pokemon.....if you read my bear related Pokemon TCG posts you can guess what it was. I also got a cute fairy bottle, pokemon cards (from the Pokemon League room), bookmarks and nail polish. I also entered AE's raffle and guess what I won...the top prize, a 3 day pass to Anime Evolution in June. On the last day I also took part in the flea market and attempted to sell off my stuff...to put it in simple terms I sold enough to put a good dent towards my Nintendo 3DS fund:)

Well anyway ferry is abit swaying right now....I leave you with the pictures I took from the convention this year.

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