Animated Review - Decedents (short film)

One aniamted short night, I stumbled upon this beauty by accident..... Decedents directed by Heiko Scherm. Decedents is an animated short (not to be confused with the completely different movie)  revolving around two talking flowers....A bitter, elderly Red Flower perfectly voiced by Whoopi Goldberg who has seen happier days and a naive, and younger White Flower voiced by Christy Scott Cashmen. The short is CGI and has notes of both the beauty of the forest world  touched with the somber sadness of the fragile life of a flower.

The highlight of this film and the main motivation of the story is the interplay between the two views on life of the two flowers. The red flower who has experienced life more especially the bitter, sad parts, has become cynical of the deer (and life itself) that has stumbled into their forest thinking it is an evil and dangerous creature. The deer, by accident, stomped her entire family into the ground. In an interesting parallel, the Red Flower is beautiful herself but is a very poisonous variety. Despite the very bitter outlook on life she still shows some concern towards the naive white flower giving her stern warnings that the most beautiful things in the world like the sun or the deer are the most deadly. As for her actions in the climax....on one hand the Red Flower wanted her revenge and at the last moment when the White Flower is prepared to embrace the deer, tricks the deer into eating her. She can be with her lost family and at the same time her shown "enemy" is killed. However in another possibility,  she gave the chance for the White Flower to have decedents with the deer sort of....she would have known the deer's corpse would right beside the white flower, a rotting corpse can life giving for plants (the White Flower is standing in the exact same spot where the Red Flower's family died) and that the flies that constantly bug her is able to carry pollen.

The White Flower is almost the complete opposite of the Red Flower. She is younger, new to the world but has a gloomy outlook on the fragile life of a flower wondering is it even good to be a flower? She is very naive of the world seeing only the beauty of things with no thought of the consequences or negative aspects, the glow of the sun is one example and falling in love with the deer despite the real possibility she can be eaten. She is eager to learn about the world and because as a result of not realizing the downfalls of being a flower in dangerous world she has very positive and romantic ideas about how the world works and honestly believes she will get her wish and embrace the deer. After recovering from the shock of the climax, she seems to be peacefully at ease and  happy that she can finally hug her deer friend before passing out. She is most likely aware of her neighbor's action but she seems to more concerned with enjoying the moment rather then her friend's actions.

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