Treasured Cosplayer's Moment - The Day I Met Chelsea FC in Cosplay

Every Cosplayer has a moment in their Cosplaying adventures that they will treasure for eternity....this is mine and judging by the title you can guess what happened. It was truly a day comparable to a manga story and as one fellow cosplayer would put it THAT WAS EPIC.

This is me Engel Dreizehn posing.
It was the summer of 2009...July to be exact. I was in Seattle for the Chelsea FC Friendly vs Seattle Sounders and I was a big (now bigger and thankful) fan of one of the players on the then Chelsea FC Team....Mr. Michael Ballack the German Wonder. I was extremely sad because I did not get to meet him (despite being very close...the bench close) and I even made a special, original design costume just for the game.... that's how Engel Dreizehn the German cyborg star was born. The happy part the outfit was greatly admired by fans and I think Frank Lampard saw me in it. He looked excited to suddenly see me.

So I gave up on attempting to meet Mr. Ballack and just did my normal Cosplay thing that fateful day.... Followed my true cosplay passion...looking forward to the Sakura Con parade in the evening, and exploring Seattle in Cosplay....I had no hotel so it was easier to wear my Cosplay...which was blood stained Nurse Kaori (from Junko Mizuno's Pure Trance) with her giant fluffy pink chainsaw. This is me from Video Games live in Vancouver as Nurse Kaori.

After coming back from a fun visit to the Art Gallery (I highly advise visiting) and Aquarium I was walking towards Four Season hotel when I see...wait isn't that the trainer's uniform for Chelsea FC????? One fan spotted me recognizing me from my soccer costume and said "this is Chelsea Fc's hotel and they are leaving soon"....I was extremely excited at the prospect of meeting Mr. Ballack and more so when I realized....I'm in Cosplay. Of course being a nurse with a chainsaw I did attract...ummm certain attention. For starters a group from the nearby restaurant were taking pictures of me.."oooo Sexy!!"

Look for me I'm circled in red on the bus's reflection,
 A group of Chelsea FC Staff were discussing amongst themselves...."Yeh Frank is...*signs to his colleges towards me...all of them look at me with looks of what the bloody hell is that*" Another staff member bowed back to me when I politely bowed. Oh yes players very much saw me....Petr Cech was giving the most awkward wave, smile and the look of "please don't kill me" when I politely waved at him. Yuri Zhirkov the then new Russian player looked extremely shy and scared when greeting the other fans with me....*should I or should I not go to greet them*. I feel sorry for him because he was having culture shock and language issues and I might have made it worse by my frightening appearance. I am still trying to contact him to apologize.

Confused Chelsea FC staff looking at me...I'm circled in red
Now did I ever get to see Mr. Ballack...yes he very much saw me and as I recalled he was sincerely smiling at me and looked very happy to see me. I found out later that his toe was injured during practice when I saw him. He had to quit the US tour and head back to London for treatment. I am very happy that I was able to brighten up his day and I am very thankful towards him now for his kind response towards my outfit....he gave me ATLEAST one autograph as surprise gifts when he moved to Leverkusen. Trying to contact him to ask him do you remember me and more so about my autographs....I did say I received atleast one autograph from him and I didnt ask for them.

More Cosplayers waiting for the Sakura Con Parade to start

The Sakura Con Parade Nice
How did the Sakura Con parade turn out....it was fun and amazing.

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