The Beartic is out there....the last Pokemon cities tournamnet

My record at today's cities...W:2 and L:4...the wins were due to no shows...I'm more of the Poke Artist then fighter. However I just play pokemon tcg for fun and to prove that...I play with my favorites and not the most popular cards to use...its no fun when everyone is using the same cards. Despite the losing streak I put up a pretty good fight. One match up, the first one, I had one prize (other guy had two) left before my opponent knocked my Keldeo EX. It was a very close match and both and  my opponent was nervous why?...Beartic was busying sheer cooling a team of Mewtwo EX, Terrakion and I think one of the Kami trio was in there somewhere with Articuno. Despite the losing outcome I am very proud of the fact Beartic and his polar subjects can stand up to the big guys and cause actual headaches, really big dents and head scratches.

My deck (King of the Urals) is themed.. besides Russia and Siberia..around freezing cold tactics to stall the game (one matches in a past cities went into over time) and stop the opponent with sleep and paralyzing effects. The primary fighter is Beartic(with Articuno in 2nd)... especially the ones with sheer cold. Sheer Cold deals 50 Dmg and prevents the defending pokemon from attacking in the opponent's next turn...sort of like a half effect of paralyze and no coin flip required. It proved to be VERY useful battling and buying time against big guys (Mewtwo EX)..provided they don't retreat, while you get that finisher on bench ready to charge....or knock out the defending pokemon with Beartic's Icicle Crash when time is right. Kind of like my personal ice wall....now think whats a good complement to go with Beartic...now I really have attend the Pokemon Worlds tournament in a Beartic outfit. Psst its also my cosplay for 2013.

Still it was fun time...it was great to welcome and say hi to the Pokemon Club members from Victoria (I was a member of the club when I was studying in UVIC) and I got free special eevee promo card just for attending...it has City Championships on it. Plus I mange to trade someone for another Beartic..now I can have 4 different Beartics in my deck.
It's a full house at Magic Stronghold. Over 50 trainers in Masters Devision.

My precious and favorite to use Beartic...the bear went over the mountain and  into my deck!

The special promo card everyone gets.

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