Poppin Cookin Candy Bento Kit

I finally opened that box of make your own candy bento....I say it was fun experience...despite the fact I added a tiny bit too much water for some parts, plus didnt mix it enough for some that it looks and tastes mushier then should be. Hopefully I can nail it the next time I make one of the candy kits. Its super cute...you have all the needed candy powders colour codes to make which part, a tray mold and the instructions are on the back of the box...which unfortunately for me I couldn't read but the pictures helped...except with showing how much water to add. Just a pointer you must have a steady arm....which fortunately I do from my old candy making job. As for taste...the parts I mixed well and didnt add too much water tasted better then well I need more practice. The "rice" tastes like gooey lemon soda, and the orange part tastes well like orange.

The box it came in.

Time to make the candy octopus sausage
Now the mushroom and egg...oops too much water.

Now the rice balls....really sticky to make like real rice balls.
The sad looking panda rice ball.
How it all looks so far.
Making the orange for the piping bag.
The Finished Product eat up.