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In honor of its recent Oscar nominations today's review will be a Movied one...Pixar's Scottish Fantasy Brave. I was fortunate enough to see Brave on release day itself and as soon as I left the theater i remarked to my friend.... that's going to get nominated and I was right and not because its Pixar.

Merida is the eldest Princess of the ruling family in Medieval Scotland and as such must adhere to the traditional codes and customs of their country and must marry the son from the other clans in Scotland. However like the fiery red hair she has a rebellious streak and much prefers the freedom in the wilds of Scotland over the fate of a Princess. So she does that... asks a witch for spell that will change her fate...which sets in motion events that will change them both. The theme of the story is the relationship between Merida and her mother Queen Eleanor  Both females are good in character but both have different ideas on what is right for Merida. Merida wants her freedom and Queen Eleanor wants her to regal like a traditional Princess.

Merida is full on adventurous and energetic ...she is the most skilled archer in all of Scotland as shown when she over powers the suitors in a archery game (splitting the arrow of the last one into pieces) and skilled with riding her horse Angus through the glen. Queen Eleanor is the gentle diplomate of the realm....most of the time she projects this persona, but as shown when the lords and the kings have a brawl in the castle, she sternly but calmly gets up, the clansmen stop whatever they are doing when they see her and she yanks the lords and her husband by the ears.

As with any Pixar movie, art direction is spectacular...the rich foliage of the glen, water rushing down from the rocks and stream and earthen feel of the landscape of Scotland itself is incredible....Pixar has really outdone itself in this field. Music is fantastic too...we got musician like Mumford and Sons on the track list  the soundtrack of course fittingly Scottish and in addition songs that match the mood of action occurring on screen...ex. Merida races through the glen to the notes of "Touch the Sky".

I wish this movie all the best and support in its race to the Oscars....here's the trailer....

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