Making Cosplays on Budget

Have a convnetion coming up but have a tight budget....have too many scraps of materials from your previous projects lying around the house? You might want to read this...

Planing for my cosplay for an upcoming convention and volunteering as gym leader I thought I was going to be Kyogre again but....transporting it was going to be a problem so why not make a simple cosplay out of the scraps lying around the house. The first thing to think about when making a cosplay out of scraps, what characters or ideas come to mind when you look at your pile of scraps....and then in close second what can you make out of them then get started.

For me I had a sheet of pink floral fabric depicting roses so initially I thought lets do a Spring Deerling with just a cloak...then as I sewed the cloak together I thought a floral pokemon trainer would be good. I mean pokemon trainers who trained grass or bug types have a habit of wearing cloaks when traveling through a forest after all. Since \I had fabric paint on hand due to previous projects I painted pokeball graphic akin to similar graphics the Kimono Girl trainers have on their kimonos. The pointer is the initial idea may not translate into the final product but it is interesting to see what is the final product is from this chelledge.

This is my result...looks good

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