How a cosplayer celebrates her birthday....

Birthdays are always fun especially when its dinner with friends at the EXP Bar right here in Vancouver. EXP Bar is a new restaurant and bar themed to videogames and it's fun, easy to find and food is yummy. We both had the nachos and I because its my birthday had my first cocktail dining out....the Heart of Ice. Part Vodka and a minty after taste that is well an icy delight:) A little piece of advice when ordering the epic popcorn...make sure you have at least 3 people to finished it. Menu was fun and videogame themed....Super Smash Nachos anyone? Decor was of course videogame themed...during Christmas time they about gaming themed trees.

Our Dinner
As for the presents round up....got a gift card for starbucks good for several happy jone's sodas, nail polishes which I wore for the dinner, snacks and food plus a gift card to best buy....which I used to get Brave on DVD:) Yep it was a fun birthday and I made my first milestone by drinking my first cocktail dining out.

Rainbow Honey's Mare in the Moon along side Opi's Go on Green with a holographic glitter overlay.

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