Gamer's Review - World of Goo

What can be more fun then making towers of oooey gooey goodness....that the point in this action, physics puzzler, World of Goo.

Point of World of Goo seems simple enough at first...make a gooey structure out of a bunch of sentient goo balls all the way to a drain pipe so that the other extra goo ball buddies can be collected by the  and on to the next level. You must collect a certain amount of goo balls to pass. You think its easy but no...they add in more types of goo balls (plant, water, match sticks) and hazards like cliffs, fire (regular goo balls hate fire), and spikes then you get something..."ok this is a bit tricky." Humor is found in plenty of amounts....I mean you are playing with goo balls with eye balls, the mysterious sign painter will comically give you hints and one challenge involves attaching goo balloons to a giant's arm so she can lift her arm to provide extreme, and clean beauty energy.

Graphics are simple 2-D but whats the word its whimsical, its monochrome shadows at sunset on certain levels and the visual focus is obviously on....the happy little goo balls and making goo towers.

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