Gamer's Review - Professor Layton and the Curious Village

The first time I ever heard about Professor Layton was one day my sister showed it to me thinking I would love it because of the puzzle based gameplay and the art style seem interesting to me. Several months later I got it discounted while going window browsing with a friend....in a nutcase I didn't know what to expect but it looked interesting and boy I was surprised/delighted by the gameplay, story and artistic style.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is the first in the adventures of Professor Layton DS series and the main highlight of this game is its brain teaser puzzles. To continue onward into the story....you must solve various different brain teaser puzzles. What can kind puzzles other then too many to name? Puzzle can range from actual jig saw puzzles, mathematical brain teasers, chess piece puzzles.....too many to name. Each puzzle worth a certain amount of points which in turn reflect the difficulty of the puzzle itself. Since you are investigating a curious village....tapping on certain spots in a scene reveals hidden coins or even puzzles. As for replay value...its a little lacking because once you solve the puzzle....well the puzzle is solved. However puzzles can be a brain teaser and fun to solve...in addition storyline is wonderful and will keep you hooked, is complex and surprising all the time.

As for art style....its hand drawn treatment, anime style animation reminiscent of Studio Ghibli with a pallete of mostly earthen tones of browns, oranges, beiges  and greens with some navy blues. Interactable characters are the only things that are animated in a given scene. The curious village in question is St. Mystere....a European village that heralds quint and a touch of fairytale class villages found in England or France....except this one holds a secret Layton is sent to investigate.

Here is the trailer from IGN's youtube channel....

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