Gamer's review- Power Stone Collection

We have a remake/repackaging of a very vintage game on the chopping block today....the fighting game Power Stone Collection for the PSP.

For those who don't know what Power Stone is...Power Stone was originally released by Capcom for arcades in 1999 and one of the first fighting games to be set in a 3-D space where players can run an arena and pick up weapons/items to fight with in addition to throw a few punches against each other. The cast and graphics were colourful, wacky and cartoony...in addition the series was popular enough at the time to have its own anime series. Power Stone Collection is a repackaging of both the original arcade release and its sequel Power Stone 2 in one PSP game.

The premise is treasure hunters from the four corners of the globe are hunting for the legendary item the power stone to grant their wishes....you take control of one of these treasures, all with different motives for finding the power stone and all with their own unique style of fighting. In addition all of them can perform the series' trademark feature....power up into their own unique power change form when enough power stones are collected. Cast is as wacky and energetic as the gameplay....the mummy wrapped serial killer/thief Jack is absolutely insane and fights with insane acrobatic, knife moves, the mysterious fortune teller Rouge fights with flames and a dancer's flare, and Edward the aviator is a well balanced fighter are just a sampling of the cast. When in power change mode...not only its a new makeover...a new and more powerful set of moves is available but choose wisely as these new moves drain the power meter and the power form wears off when the meter runs out.

As one of the first fighting games to experimenting with moving 360 degrees in an arena...arenas can include Japanese castle suites, and English looking towns with breakable parts, and every so often power stones or weapons dropped into the arena free for anyone to grab and overwhelm with. Like any traditional fighting formula...whoever can defeat their opponent and win the most rounds wins the match. In Power Stone, its 1 vs 1 while in Power Stone 2 its 4 person melee...along with number 2 getting a slightly bigger cast and a bigger weapon inventory.

As for how I feel about this game overall...its fast paced its fun, graphics are colourful however in addition as the one of the first to experiment with arena fighting....some gamers might feel a bit constraint and put off by its "old" nature in comparison to playing a more modern fighting game but if you're looking for some old school, classic fighting; a new addition to the library and can get this game discounted....I would suggest this for the PSP library.

Here's the Trailer from IGN's youtube channel....

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