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I did hear about the Phantasy Star series before my travels to Akiba, Tokyo (see other sister blog for details-->My Akiba Trip ) I got a cute but beautiful gachapon figure of one of the characters from one of Akiba's gachapon halls....so I seriously started looking into the game and I was very happy to find Phantasy Star Portable when I was then birthday shopping at EB.

For who are not familiar with Phantasy Star's setting...it started in the late 80's and the unique trait was a world that is a combo of science fiction and heavy fantasy elements. In this world it is possible for intelligent robots to be fighting against dragons and techno-mages are possible. Phantasy Star Portable is the PSP adaptation of the Phantasy Star Online world. You are a new recruit and your partner, an amazingly human-like Cast named Vivienne are tasked with investigating a series of strange events in the Gurhal star system involving the SEED.

Just like in the online world you first have to create you character from 4 different races (elf like Newmans, robotic Casts, animal like Beasts, and Humens) and you first class which determines the kind of weapons you can use and your stats. Choose you race carefully because each race had its own pros and cons (ex Casts are more suited to physical/ranged combat) and have their own unique ability (ex. Beast can transform into a monster form). In addition the look and style of your character can customized...hair, eye colour, face type etc.

As for gameplay...a bulk of the gameplay heralding its old school roots are hacking slashing with different weapons and skills while dungeon crawling on missions on various different planets ending with a battle with a "boss". Gamers at this point might find the hacking and slashing a little repetitive and a bit of a level grind. The Sci-fi/Fantasy series means the monsters you face range from genetic mutation, mecenaries, rogue machines......with settings like an fall leafed forest, under ground caves or a space station over run with monstrous mutations or bounty hunters.

I keep having nostalgic memories of my Tokyo trip whenever I play this game and if you are looking for another fantasy rpg series to enjoy I would suggest this.

Here is the official trailer from IGN's youtube channel

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