Gamer's Review - Phantasy Star Portable 2

Today we have the sequel to the last review on the chopping block. Phantasy Star Portable is setting a few years after the first one and it you do have the first's game file on the memory card you can transfer your character over and explore this new world. Your stats and inventory do not get carried over instead it's things like your characters look and name. In addition to gain an extra edge in the beginning you get a special exclusive weapon called "Exam" and NPC will mention your history from the first game. Like the first one you are mostly partnered with Emile a young but feisty girl who just like Vivienne every so often you have yo answer questions to determine the game's final ending. In addition cast from the first game make appearances in this game. Although I have slight compliant....I like Chelsea the Cast but...I have been to Paris and I love the real french accent but Chelsea's "French" accent is the most ridiculous thing in the phantasy star universe.

Artistic wise...graphics have improved as outlined in the opening cinematic and the colour palette seems a bit more colour and party like matching in with the fact you hub now is a resort not the Guardian HQ. In addition more silly but fun costumes are added to the mix, even the "normal" armors are very elaborate looking in comparison to the first game.

Gameplay still is carried over the first game mostly with the except to use the "nice" weapons you have to upgrade your grading in that particular category training you to pick and commitment to certain weapons. In addition weapon inventory is expanded and its not only including more silly weapons...did anyone say the great leek of doom! Yep Miku themed costumes and weapons are in. The Hub world is truly 3-D roaming and you have your own room too to decorate with instead of the static image screens of the first game. The dungeon crawling rpg is spiced up with surprises like new quest modes, secret areas and boss (secret cafes and space-time dragons) and new species of monsters.

In conclusion I feel that this sequel is a fresh feel in comparison to the first game....its a pleasant surprise to be able to dress up as Miku and whack the heck out of dragons at the same time. here is the official trailer from CGRtrailer's youtube channel....

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