Gamer's Review - Crayon Physics

What can I say about the digital download physics based action puzzler other then this is a very interesting and unique game. The premise of Crayon Physics is simple. You have to lead a red ball towards a star....however you can only nudge the ball in one strict direction for a tiny bit of length. So to help the ball to the star have to draw in structures etc to help it along....things you can draw and materialize can be almost anything....make shift bridges to close, or ropes to fling things across like a boxed in ball to the star. The puzzles can be an actual head scratch, and require some literate physics based thinking....they did called this game Crayon Physics

The art design is very simple and yet nostalgic and pastoral as recalls childhood memories of a child playing with their crayon set on a piece of crippled beige paper. The entire world is make up of crayon doodles and children's drawings....you can even draw your own doodles on the over world map. Even the music is recalling that nostalgia of playing with crayons as a kid.

In conclusion...I didnt know about this game before I got it as part of a Humble Indie Pack and I say it was amazing surprise to unpack and love the pastel like feel and relaxing atmosphere. Even if it wasn't a humble indie deal....I would still get it for the fun factor...even better if it was discounted on steam.

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