Gamer's Review - Cosmic Break

We have a unique MMORPG choice on the chopping block today....Cosmic Break. It's growing, it's full of big booms, and.....cute mechanical girl wielding really big machine guns. Yep this is Cosmic Break. Its a slight small fry game in comparison to the big boys like Spiral Knights but what makes this MMORPG unique is not only the Sci-Fi, anime style setting but that fact that more then half of the cast are Mecha Musumes....cute robot girls armed to the teeth with robotic armor and weaponry, which really suits me because Mecha Musume games can be tricky to find. Why I love mecha musumes so much....some girls identify with princesses and fairies....I identify with robotic women, especially those that can fly.
Gameplay wise its 3rd person combat, approachable and the style of play/combat depends on the robot you choose to bring into battle, for example choosing a shooter means a gun battle and a flying model means aerial dog fights. You have several basic modes of play....PvP arena modes in various diverse different arena (from polar ice caps to volcanoes), mission story mode (group or solo) and solo adventuring mode. Believe me combat is very fast paced and lots of big kabooms in arena mode especially with a bunch of large class shooters on the field, and the camera angle is all screwed from the action. Robots can be upgraded (or tuned up) with the right ingredients.

Game is completely free to play except for certain robots and most garapons requiring RT to purchase which in turn requires real money to purchase or gained as rewards from missions.

The robots themselves are diverse....4 different sizes and types (Air, Melee, and Artillery) with their own pros and cons. Some of these can range from the generic sci-fi/gundam style robot to cute mecha musume...and themes some would least expect. Who knew flute playing girls or missile launching tutus could be so deadly in combat? My weapon of choice when going into arena mode, the exotic bird like Galuda Bird...the high flyer, high shooter and hurricane causing large class bot....and Lily Rain when he gets shot down. If any sees a robotic bird with a icy paint job...that's me.
Check at Cosmic Break here --> http://www.cosmicbreak.com/

PS thanks to the site for these neat graphics used this blog review.

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