Gamer's Review - Chaos on Deponia First Impressions

Joy to the world when you birthday is coming close and the presents start to be delivered via Steam....my present which I would like to review. Chaos on Deponia the first dive in...Chaos on Deponia is the sequel to Deponia and the fate of the junk-punk planet is hanging in the balance as...well not to ruin the spoiler its the explosive truth.

In comical throw back to the first game we are given the tutorial lesson with Rufus arguing with Captain Bozo in a very familiar setting....just compare with my review of the one game and see for your self....then Rufus's self important action movie play back of the events from the first game to keep everyone up to speed. The game play is the same from the first game which is point click adventure interface with a pull down inventory menu. The graphical difference in this game is now you are out at sea the menu interfaces now have splashes of blue and grey....and looks like it was created from driftwood and metal scraps from the sea. In addition the artistic settings are awash in hues of bright blue in comparison to the rust oranges of the village int he first game....the junk-punk design is still retained in the environment but as previously noted the junk in question is related/obtained from the sea.

Humor wise....more great moments of the accident prone Rufus. One of the tasks you have to get Rufus to is  burrow Doc's hammer. In typical Rufus style...lets just say he sets the table on fire and causes bodily harm to a poor defenseless birdy....before doing some more bodily harm to him self with his new escape "double-edged" plan to Elysium. Storywise we thrust right from the ending of Deponia.....Deponia is in danger of blown up and Rufus has to save the day and planet he loves to hate.

In conclusion of my first dive/impression into this game.....I can't wait to see what happens next...and what trouble Rufus manages to get himself into.

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