Gamer's Review - Awesomenauts

Well when i saw the monkey with a jet pack spewing out a strong Russian accent...I was thinking what kind of game is this... After I played, I'm still thinking the same thing along with the fact this is fun, its frantic and hilarious.

Awesomenauts is fun...purely online PvP playing as mercenary teams on distant planets and galaxies battling each other, and hostile alien life in a bid to take out the enemy's drill. Gameplay wise it's side scrolling and very straight forward....blast the other team apartment. Unfortunately for me, I am the world most reckless and trigger happy of a flying sniper and experimenting with classes...guess what happened 50% of the time. Every character has it own special style and ability; for example, Lonestar is a gun totting space cow boy equipped with dynamite and holographic bulls, and the French accented Leon is equipped with his energy blade and a french kiss of a tongue. More characters are unlocked with each level up and obviously humor is big part of the game.

Artistic front wise....its 2d side scrolling platforming shooter set in space on various different planets...including a jungle planet and a space station. Seasonal cosmetic changes are also available, judging by giant Christmas present lying around everywhere. Its cartoony, its sci-fi, its hilarious....do you even want to be french kissed by an alien lizard with a long smiley tongue.

When playing this game.... remember to have strong internet connection or you're going to get knocked off every so often.

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