Christmas Present Round up - Cosplayer's Delight

What do you expect when you sister is the blogger of Cosmetic Proof and you the cosplayer expressed interested in starting their own nail polish collection for that extra cosplay detail.....plus you're an absolutely crazed Germanophile who liked OPI's Germany collection  you get a nice colour palette of them plus spare make up as a present. Man my my future cosplays and fashion projects are going to look good....just to know my next cosplay project will be Beartic because Pokemon Worlds is coming to Vancouver.

This is how tonight's experiment looks like....alternating dark flames with heavenly flowers. I say I still need work on my nail painting arm. We got Frozen Flame (Rainbow Honey) over Unfor-gret-bly Blue (OPI) for the dark flames, and Sakura Matsuri (Rainbow Honey) over Celestia (Rainbow Honey) for heavenly flowers. Man you have to fish for those flowers and bars...made harder by the fact the bottle is a mini.

Visit my Sister's nail polish and make up blog if you need or a fan of cosmetic tips.

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