Animated Review - Keep Calm and Flutter On

Just like every single pony fan....I was looking forward to "Keep Calm and Flutter On"....For this review I'm going to approach this character wise.

Fluttershy is the meek and timid but patient Pegasus of the Ponyville. She is very patient, a good negotiator with animals as shown when she persuades a beaver to take down his dam. Soooo because of this Princess Celestia has charged her in particular with the role of reforming Discord. Through out the entire time Discord is crashing in her cottage (and I do mean crashing!) she is extremely patient and lenient towards the chaos Discord is causing while being "comfortable" due to her duty towards Princess Celestia, and her code of honor called kindness to all living beings. Most likely she is letting Discord crash [in] her place because as a persona of chaos she figured he needs a chaotic place to be comfy in.

Well Discord is voiced by John de Lancie who is famous for being Q in various incarnations of Star Trek and Discord is the Q of the Pony World. Like Q Discord is still the most chaotic thing in all of Equestaria and still the same trickster/prankster the moment he is freed and does his "stretching" routine. At the beginning of his reform he pretends to Fluttershy he is being good under her care but as her pony friends and Angel the rabbit knows he's up to no good again. However like Q is reformed to be "good"....well still chaotic and somewhat good to everyone esle who isn't Fluttershy. The interesting part about Discord during this episode during his charade to trick Fluttershy into believing he is good he doesn't realize (and only admits it later on)  he enjoys the company of Fluttershy as a friend...for example during his chaotic rampage he offers Fluttershy a turn with the water skis and ice skates; plus during the mad dinner she doesn't get pounced on the living dinnerware...this parallels how Q changes when he is made a ordinary powerless mortal. In the end, I think Discord is still his highly mischief maker self because he says he'll be good "most of the time", only fusses up to being good due to prodding on Fluttershy's part, and in my opinion he is only going to be his "good" persona towards Fluttershy....to every other pony, its debatable on whether he's going to be the almost the same chaotic mischief maker unless "I'm going to call Fluttershy on you" is going to be used as a threat.

Here is a snippet from My Little Pony's youtube channel...

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