Adventures in Cosplaying - The Vancouver Winter Games 2010

You read the title correct....in 2010 the Winter Games came to Vancouver and inspired by my pure chance Chelsea FC hijinxs...guess who dared themselves to go out in public in Cosplay...just a little curious experiment, and if i'm going to be enjoying the olympics on my home turf I'm doing it my style.

 I went for 10 such days in public and in costume enjoying the Olympic fever and even more hilarious when athletes and delegates say me in my outfits.....guess they weren't expecting that when coming to Vancouver. As I recalled I wasn't the only one in costume nope nope. I recalled seeing fans decked in national colours, guys wearing only tuques and underpants, and a pair of yetis. As for my outfits....I rotated between Lucario, Froslass, Engel Dreizehn for German culture events (it was well received by Germans), and Mimi in her Pop'n Music 13 outfit. Mimi and Froslass got worn the most often because Mimi is all seasonal, mobile and comfy in winter blues. Froslass, similar reasons, and it had fleece materials to prevent me from freezing and its an ice type pokemon for a grand winter event.

 Lucario was not as used so much because well....Lucario has a prominent horn sticking out of its chest and it was getting mistaken for a well....sticking out of my chest despite having a Lucario doll with me especially on gold medal hockey day. Fortunately some were some people who knew I was Lucario and wanted my picture....plus Canada won the gold medal in hockey and it was party central in Vancouver.

As for the reactions from athletes and tourists around the world when they saw me? Some, like those from Eastern European countries...suspect costumes for fun is rare there, were stunned and confused to see me. On opening ceremonies day and as Froslass....tourists thought I was someone's mascot or part of the opening ceremonies but I said no no but still thought my outfit looked beautiful. A group of French athletes were all smiles see me (near Yaletown I recall) and it was incredible reaction...."oh la la". Being elegant Froslass, I politely bowed to one monsieur..."oh mesdemoiselles..." bows back in return. That was a wonderful reaction.

As Mimi I got the same memorable reactions..a combination of all smiles, and stunned to see me..."careful dear watch out for the jester..." but the one memorable moment as Mimi...Cheburashka, the Russian team's mascot was outside the Russian Pavilion greeting and posing for pictures with people. When it was my turn to pose for pictures with him....*grab a paw* *grab a paw* *we're dancing*. Everyone went AWW at the sight of two cute blue things dancing. I was so touched by the moment...went into the gift shop after to get a blue olympic edition Cheburashka doll...talk about price gorging...it wasn't expansive but it wasn't cheap either...its now cherished plush in my collection now.

This is how it went down in pictures...
Me as Froslass at a medal ceremony...yes I know I have a lazy eye

Me and Cheburashka having a grand time outside of the Russian Pavilion....we look cute don't we?

The sun sets on the Russian Pavilion...usually this is science world.

Inside looking at art of the north at the Northern Canada Pavilion.

The lovely performers of the Russian Pavilion.

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