Gamer's Review - Phantasy Star Portable 2

Today we have the sequel to the last review on the chopping block. Phantasy Star Portable is setting a few years after the first one and it you do have the first's game file on the memory card you can transfer your character over and explore this new world. Your stats and inventory do not get carried over instead it's things like your characters look and name. In addition to gain an extra edge in the beginning you get a special exclusive weapon called "Exam" and NPC will mention your history from the first game. Like the first one you are mostly partnered with Emile a young but feisty girl who just like Vivienne every so often you have yo answer questions to determine the game's final ending. In addition cast from the first game make appearances in this game. Although I have slight compliant....I like Chelsea the Cast but...I have been to Paris and I love the real french accent but Chelsea's "French" accent is the most ridiculous thing in the phantasy star universe.

Artistic wise...graphics have improved as outlined in the opening cinematic and the colour palette seems a bit more colour and party like matching in with the fact you hub now is a resort not the Guardian HQ. In addition more silly but fun costumes are added to the mix, even the "normal" armors are very elaborate looking in comparison to the first game.

Gameplay still is carried over the first game mostly with the except to use the "nice" weapons you have to upgrade your grading in that particular category training you to pick and commitment to certain weapons. In addition weapon inventory is expanded and its not only including more silly weapons...did anyone say the great leek of doom! Yep Miku themed costumes and weapons are in. The Hub world is truly 3-D roaming and you have your own room too to decorate with instead of the static image screens of the first game. The dungeon crawling rpg is spiced up with surprises like new quest modes, secret areas and boss (secret cafes and space-time dragons) and new species of monsters.

In conclusion I feel that this sequel is a fresh feel in comparison to the first game....its a pleasant surprise to be able to dress up as Miku and whack the heck out of dragons at the same time. here is the official trailer from CGRtrailer's youtube channel....


Gamer's Review - Phantasy Star Portable

I did hear about the Phantasy Star series before my travels to Akiba, Tokyo (see other sister blog for details-->My Akiba Trip ) I got a cute but beautiful gachapon figure of one of the characters from one of Akiba's gachapon halls....so I seriously started looking into the game and I was very happy to find Phantasy Star Portable when I was then birthday shopping at EB.

For who are not familiar with Phantasy Star's setting...it started in the late 80's and the unique trait was a world that is a combo of science fiction and heavy fantasy elements. In this world it is possible for intelligent robots to be fighting against dragons and techno-mages are possible. Phantasy Star Portable is the PSP adaptation of the Phantasy Star Online world. You are a new recruit and your partner, an amazingly human-like Cast named Vivienne are tasked with investigating a series of strange events in the Gurhal star system involving the SEED.

Just like in the online world you first have to create you character from 4 different races (elf like Newmans, robotic Casts, animal like Beasts, and Humens) and you first class which determines the kind of weapons you can use and your stats. Choose you race carefully because each race had its own pros and cons (ex Casts are more suited to physical/ranged combat) and have their own unique ability (ex. Beast can transform into a monster form). In addition the look and style of your character can customized...hair, eye colour, face type etc.

As for gameplay...a bulk of the gameplay heralding its old school roots are hacking slashing with different weapons and skills while dungeon crawling on missions on various different planets ending with a battle with a "boss". Gamers at this point might find the hacking and slashing a little repetitive and a bit of a level grind. The Sci-fi/Fantasy series means the monsters you face range from genetic mutation, mecenaries, rogue machines......with settings like an fall leafed forest, under ground caves or a space station over run with monstrous mutations or bounty hunters.

I keep having nostalgic memories of my Tokyo trip whenever I play this game and if you are looking for another fantasy rpg series to enjoy I would suggest this.

Here is the official trailer from IGN's youtube channel


How a cosplayer celebrates her birthday....

Birthdays are always fun especially when its dinner with friends at the EXP Bar right here in Vancouver. EXP Bar is a new restaurant and bar themed to videogames and it's fun, easy to find and food is yummy. We both had the nachos and I because its my birthday had my first cocktail dining out....the Heart of Ice. Part Vodka and a minty after taste that is well an icy delight:) A little piece of advice when ordering the epic popcorn...make sure you have at least 3 people to finished it. Menu was fun and videogame themed....Super Smash Nachos anyone? Decor was of course videogame themed...during Christmas time they about gaming themed trees.

Our Dinner
As for the presents round up....got a gift card for starbucks good for several happy jone's sodas, nail polishes which I wore for the dinner, snacks and food plus a gift card to best buy....which I used to get Brave on DVD:) Yep it was a fun birthday and I made my first milestone by drinking my first cocktail dining out.

Rainbow Honey's Mare in the Moon along side Opi's Go on Green with a holographic glitter overlay.


Gamer's Review - Chaos on Deponia First Impressions

Joy to the world when you birthday is coming close and the presents start to be delivered via Steam....my present which I would like to review. Chaos on Deponia the first dive in...Chaos on Deponia is the sequel to Deponia and the fate of the junk-punk planet is hanging in the balance as...well not to ruin the spoiler its the explosive truth.

In comical throw back to the first game we are given the tutorial lesson with Rufus arguing with Captain Bozo in a very familiar setting....just compare with my review of the one game and see for your self....then Rufus's self important action movie play back of the events from the first game to keep everyone up to speed. The game play is the same from the first game which is point click adventure interface with a pull down inventory menu. The graphical difference in this game is now you are out at sea the menu interfaces now have splashes of blue and grey....and looks like it was created from driftwood and metal scraps from the sea. In addition the artistic settings are awash in hues of bright blue in comparison to the rust oranges of the village int he first game....the junk-punk design is still retained in the environment but as previously noted the junk in question is related/obtained from the sea.

Humor wise....more great moments of the accident prone Rufus. One of the tasks you have to get Rufus to is  burrow Doc's hammer. In typical Rufus style...lets just say he sets the table on fire and causes bodily harm to a poor defenseless birdy....before doing some more bodily harm to him self with his new escape "double-edged" plan to Elysium. Storywise we thrust right from the ending of Deponia.....Deponia is in danger of blown up and Rufus has to save the day and planet he loves to hate.

In conclusion of my first dive/impression into this game.....I can't wait to see what happens next...and what trouble Rufus manages to get himself into.


Gamer's Review - Professor Layton and the Curious Village

The first time I ever heard about Professor Layton was one day my sister showed it to me thinking I would love it because of the puzzle based gameplay and the art style seem interesting to me. Several months later I got it discounted while going window browsing with a friend....in a nutcase I didn't know what to expect but it looked interesting and boy I was surprised/delighted by the gameplay, story and artistic style.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is the first in the adventures of Professor Layton DS series and the main highlight of this game is its brain teaser puzzles. To continue onward into the story....you must solve various different brain teaser puzzles. What can kind puzzles other then too many to name? Puzzle can range from actual jig saw puzzles, mathematical brain teasers, chess piece puzzles.....too many to name. Each puzzle worth a certain amount of points which in turn reflect the difficulty of the puzzle itself. Since you are investigating a curious village....tapping on certain spots in a scene reveals hidden coins or even puzzles. As for replay value...its a little lacking because once you solve the puzzle....well the puzzle is solved. However puzzles can be a brain teaser and fun to solve...in addition storyline is wonderful and will keep you hooked, is complex and surprising all the time.

As for art style....its hand drawn treatment, anime style animation reminiscent of Studio Ghibli with a pallete of mostly earthen tones of browns, oranges, beiges  and greens with some navy blues. Interactable characters are the only things that are animated in a given scene. The curious village in question is St. Mystere....a European village that heralds quint and a touch of fairytale class villages found in England or France....except this one holds a secret Layton is sent to investigate.

Here is the trailer from IGN's youtube channel....


Animated Review - Keep Calm and Flutter On

Just like every single pony fan....I was looking forward to "Keep Calm and Flutter On"....For this review I'm going to approach this character wise.

Fluttershy is the meek and timid but patient Pegasus of the Ponyville. She is very patient, a good negotiator with animals as shown when she persuades a beaver to take down his dam. Soooo because of this Princess Celestia has charged her in particular with the role of reforming Discord. Through out the entire time Discord is crashing in her cottage (and I do mean crashing!) she is extremely patient and lenient towards the chaos Discord is causing while being "comfortable" due to her duty towards Princess Celestia, and her code of honor called kindness to all living beings. Most likely she is letting Discord crash [in] her place because as a persona of chaos she figured he needs a chaotic place to be comfy in.

Well Discord is voiced by John de Lancie who is famous for being Q in various incarnations of Star Trek and Discord is the Q of the Pony World. Like Q Discord is still the most chaotic thing in all of Equestaria and still the same trickster/prankster the moment he is freed and does his "stretching" routine. At the beginning of his reform he pretends to Fluttershy he is being good under her care but as her pony friends and Angel the rabbit knows he's up to no good again. However like Q is reformed to be "good"....well still chaotic and somewhat good to everyone esle who isn't Fluttershy. The interesting part about Discord during this episode during his charade to trick Fluttershy into believing he is good he doesn't realize (and only admits it later on)  he enjoys the company of Fluttershy as a friend...for example during his chaotic rampage he offers Fluttershy a turn with the water skis and ice skates; plus during the mad dinner she doesn't get pounced on the living dinnerware...this parallels how Q changes when he is made a ordinary powerless mortal. In the end, I think Discord is still his highly mischief maker self because he says he'll be good "most of the time", only fusses up to being good due to prodding on Fluttershy's part, and in my opinion he is only going to be his "good" persona towards Fluttershy....to every other pony, its debatable on whether he's going to be the almost the same chaotic mischief maker unless "I'm going to call Fluttershy on you" is going to be used as a threat.

Here is a snippet from My Little Pony's youtube channel...


Gamer's review- Power Stone Collection

We have a remake/repackaging of a very vintage game on the chopping block today....the fighting game Power Stone Collection for the PSP.

For those who don't know what Power Stone is...Power Stone was originally released by Capcom for arcades in 1999 and one of the first fighting games to be set in a 3-D space where players can run an arena and pick up weapons/items to fight with in addition to throw a few punches against each other. The cast and graphics were colourful, wacky and cartoony...in addition the series was popular enough at the time to have its own anime series. Power Stone Collection is a repackaging of both the original arcade release and its sequel Power Stone 2 in one PSP game.

The premise is treasure hunters from the four corners of the globe are hunting for the legendary item the power stone to grant their wishes....you take control of one of these treasures, all with different motives for finding the power stone and all with their own unique style of fighting. In addition all of them can perform the series' trademark feature....power up into their own unique power change form when enough power stones are collected. Cast is as wacky and energetic as the gameplay....the mummy wrapped serial killer/thief Jack is absolutely insane and fights with insane acrobatic, knife moves, the mysterious fortune teller Rouge fights with flames and a dancer's flare, and Edward the aviator is a well balanced fighter are just a sampling of the cast. When in power change mode...not only its a new makeover...a new and more powerful set of moves is available but choose wisely as these new moves drain the power meter and the power form wears off when the meter runs out.

As one of the first fighting games to experimenting with moving 360 degrees in an arena...arenas can include Japanese castle suites, and English looking towns with breakable parts, and every so often power stones or weapons dropped into the arena free for anyone to grab and overwhelm with. Like any traditional fighting formula...whoever can defeat their opponent and win the most rounds wins the match. In Power Stone, its 1 vs 1 while in Power Stone 2 its 4 person melee...along with number 2 getting a slightly bigger cast and a bigger weapon inventory.

As for how I feel about this game overall...its fast paced its fun, graphics are colourful however in addition as the one of the first to experiment with arena fighting....some gamers might feel a bit constraint and put off by its "old" nature in comparison to playing a more modern fighting game but if you're looking for some old school, classic fighting; a new addition to the library and can get this game discounted....I would suggest this for the PSP library.

Here's the Trailer from IGN's youtube channel....


Adventures in Cosplaying - The Vancouver Winter Games 2010

You read the title correct....in 2010 the Winter Games came to Vancouver and inspired by my pure chance Chelsea FC hijinxs...guess who dared themselves to go out in public in Cosplay...just a little curious experiment, and if i'm going to be enjoying the olympics on my home turf I'm doing it my style.

 I went for 10 such days in public and in costume enjoying the Olympic fever and even more hilarious when athletes and delegates say me in my outfits.....guess they weren't expecting that when coming to Vancouver. As I recalled I wasn't the only one in costume nope nope. I recalled seeing fans decked in national colours, guys wearing only tuques and underpants, and a pair of yetis. As for my outfits....I rotated between Lucario, Froslass, Engel Dreizehn for German culture events (it was well received by Germans), and Mimi in her Pop'n Music 13 outfit. Mimi and Froslass got worn the most often because Mimi is all seasonal, mobile and comfy in winter blues. Froslass, similar reasons, and it had fleece materials to prevent me from freezing and its an ice type pokemon for a grand winter event.

 Lucario was not as used so much because well....Lucario has a prominent horn sticking out of its chest and it was getting mistaken for a well....sticking out of my chest despite having a Lucario doll with me especially on gold medal hockey day. Fortunately some were some people who knew I was Lucario and wanted my picture....plus Canada won the gold medal in hockey and it was party central in Vancouver.

As for the reactions from athletes and tourists around the world when they saw me? Some, like those from Eastern European countries...suspect costumes for fun is rare there, were stunned and confused to see me. On opening ceremonies day and as Froslass....tourists thought I was someone's mascot or part of the opening ceremonies but I said no no but still thought my outfit looked beautiful. A group of French athletes were all smiles see me (near Yaletown I recall) and it was incredible reaction...."oh la la". Being elegant Froslass, I politely bowed to one monsieur..."oh mesdemoiselles..." bows back in return. That was a wonderful reaction.

As Mimi I got the same memorable reactions..a combination of all smiles, and stunned to see me..."careful dear watch out for the jester..." but the one memorable moment as Mimi...Cheburashka, the Russian team's mascot was outside the Russian Pavilion greeting and posing for pictures with people. When it was my turn to pose for pictures with him....*grab a paw* *grab a paw* *we're dancing*. Everyone went AWW at the sight of two cute blue things dancing. I was so touched by the moment...went into the gift shop after to get a blue olympic edition Cheburashka doll...talk about price gorging...it wasn't expansive but it wasn't cheap either...its now cherished plush in my collection now.

This is how it went down in pictures...
Me as Froslass at a medal ceremony...yes I know I have a lazy eye

Me and Cheburashka having a grand time outside of the Russian Pavilion....we look cute don't we?

The sun sets on the Russian Pavilion...usually this is science world.

Inside looking at art of the north at the Northern Canada Pavilion.

The lovely performers of the Russian Pavilion.


Gamer's Review - Cosmic Break

We have a unique MMORPG choice on the chopping block today....Cosmic Break. It's growing, it's full of big booms, and.....cute mechanical girl wielding really big machine guns. Yep this is Cosmic Break. Its a slight small fry game in comparison to the big boys like Spiral Knights but what makes this MMORPG unique is not only the Sci-Fi, anime style setting but that fact that more then half of the cast are Mecha Musumes....cute robot girls armed to the teeth with robotic armor and weaponry, which really suits me because Mecha Musume games can be tricky to find. Why I love mecha musumes so much....some girls identify with princesses and fairies....I identify with robotic women, especially those that can fly.
Gameplay wise its 3rd person combat, approachable and the style of play/combat depends on the robot you choose to bring into battle, for example choosing a shooter means a gun battle and a flying model means aerial dog fights. You have several basic modes of play....PvP arena modes in various diverse different arena (from polar ice caps to volcanoes), mission story mode (group or solo) and solo adventuring mode. Believe me combat is very fast paced and lots of big kabooms in arena mode especially with a bunch of large class shooters on the field, and the camera angle is all screwed from the action. Robots can be upgraded (or tuned up) with the right ingredients.

Game is completely free to play except for certain robots and most garapons requiring RT to purchase which in turn requires real money to purchase or gained as rewards from missions.

The robots themselves are diverse....4 different sizes and types (Air, Melee, and Artillery) with their own pros and cons. Some of these can range from the generic sci-fi/gundam style robot to cute mecha musume...and themes some would least expect. Who knew flute playing girls or missile launching tutus could be so deadly in combat? My weapon of choice when going into arena mode, the exotic bird like Galuda Bird...the high flyer, high shooter and hurricane causing large class bot....and Lily Rain when he gets shot down. If any sees a robotic bird with a icy paint job...that's me.
Check at Cosmic Break here --> http://www.cosmicbreak.com/

PS thanks to the site for these neat graphics used this blog review.


Making Cosplays on Budget

Have a convnetion coming up but have a tight budget....have too many scraps of materials from your previous projects lying around the house? You might want to read this...

Planing for my cosplay for an upcoming convention and volunteering as gym leader I thought I was going to be Kyogre again but....transporting it was going to be a problem so why not make a simple cosplay out of the scraps lying around the house. The first thing to think about when making a cosplay out of scraps, what characters or ideas come to mind when you look at your pile of scraps....and then in close second what can you make out of them then get started.

For me I had a sheet of pink floral fabric depicting roses so initially I thought lets do a Spring Deerling with just a cloak...then as I sewed the cloak together I thought a floral pokemon trainer would be good. I mean pokemon trainers who trained grass or bug types have a habit of wearing cloaks when traveling through a forest after all. Since \I had fabric paint on hand due to previous projects I painted pokeball graphic akin to similar graphics the Kimono Girl trainers have on their kimonos. The pointer is the initial idea may not translate into the final product but it is interesting to see what is the final product is from this chelledge.

This is my result...looks good


Candice Inspired Nail Do

Well relazing tonight and decided to do a Cosplay inspired nail do. Used Candice the Snowpoint Gym Leader of Pokemon as an inspiration. For the "Blue" we have Sally Hansen Black crackle over China Glaze's "Hanging in the Balance" (the cirque collection) with specks of silver sparkles....along side the cosplay lover's delight nail polish company....Rainbow Honey's white "Spirit of Wonder". Besides the point my arm is a little shaky on some finger...but I think I did the job quite well...The ice crystal shapes, black for Candice's hair, Blue for her clothing (as close to her blue to the polishes I have), and sparkles and snow for well...snow.


Movied Review - Brave

In honor of its recent Oscar nominations today's review will be a Movied one...Pixar's Scottish Fantasy Brave. I was fortunate enough to see Brave on release day itself and as soon as I left the theater i remarked to my friend.... that's going to get nominated and I was right and not because its Pixar.

Merida is the eldest Princess of the ruling family in Medieval Scotland and as such must adhere to the traditional codes and customs of their country and must marry the son from the other clans in Scotland. However like the fiery red hair she has a rebellious streak and much prefers the freedom in the wilds of Scotland over the fate of a Princess. So she does that... asks a witch for spell that will change her fate...which sets in motion events that will change them both. The theme of the story is the relationship between Merida and her mother Queen Eleanor  Both females are good in character but both have different ideas on what is right for Merida. Merida wants her freedom and Queen Eleanor wants her to regal like a traditional Princess.

Merida is full on adventurous and energetic ...she is the most skilled archer in all of Scotland as shown when she over powers the suitors in a archery game (splitting the arrow of the last one into pieces) and skilled with riding her horse Angus through the glen. Queen Eleanor is the gentle diplomate of the realm....most of the time she projects this persona, but as shown when the lords and the kings have a brawl in the castle, she sternly but calmly gets up, the clansmen stop whatever they are doing when they see her and she yanks the lords and her husband by the ears.

As with any Pixar movie, art direction is spectacular...the rich foliage of the glen, water rushing down from the rocks and stream and earthen feel of the landscape of Scotland itself is incredible....Pixar has really outdone itself in this field. Music is fantastic too...we got musician like Mumford and Sons on the track list  the soundtrack of course fittingly Scottish and in addition songs that match the mood of action occurring on screen...ex. Merida races through the glen to the notes of "Touch the Sky".

I wish this movie all the best and support in its race to the Oscars....here's the trailer....

Gamer's Review - Aquaria

Besides me having a hard time with the final boss right now and my fingers are sore from the attempt....this is wonderful indie of a game.

I would I describe this game other then its a fantasy, adventure and side scroll(or rather side swimming) shooter. You control Naija, a mermaid like girl who lives in a fantastic world under the surf and who lost her memories and is compelled to go explore the world beyond her home waters after she receives visions of a boy plunging into the surf.

Gameplay wise its side scrolling swimming with shooter elements as after you get the energy form your main form of attack after hostile sea life. In addition to the shooter aspect the half of the game is exploring and solving puzzle....the underlining theme is in this world is bound by a force called the "verse" so Naija can sing different musical notes to affect the environment which can rang from opening flowers, performing a tune to change forms or solving musical puzzles. Naija as she progresses further can transform into various different forms like the energy shooting Energy Form or the plant or sprouting Nature form. Aquaria is full of hidden secrets beyond the main game story line.... collecting souvenirs for Naija's home or wardrobe,  hidden mini bosses (Giant Jellyfish!!) with their own rewards (ex pets) for defeating them or unlocking new recipes. As previously stated Naija can cook different recipes which have different effects like healing. The more complex the recipe....the complex and beneficial the effects will be.

The look and feel of the world of Aquaria is where this game really shines....this is a complex under water world where various different civilizations have due to some disaster all which revolve around force destroying or driving the deity of each civilization mad....or the civilization ruined itself. The civilizations Naija explores are diverse which range from the ruins fallen mythological kingdoms, the polar north or a abandon mechanical society of automated devices and water bubble floating high towards the sun. Once Naija defeats the deith of a civilization...she narrates the history of that particular civilization and how it came into ruin. The vast different fauna of this strange world are just as vast. Some creatures like eels are friendly towards Naija while a great many others like really nasty seadragons (its a type of sea horse) want her for lunch.

Is this game worth it....for its vastly imaginative world I would say yes.


Gamer's Review - Windosill

Windosill is an unconventional point click adventure game. Why? These is no background music , no big overly ornate graphics and the interface is simplicity....but it is still a gem.

Its an odd yet short game. The objective is you have to lead a toy train through a door to get to the next room however in order to open the door you have to find a white cube key to insert in the keyhole....and that where things get interesting. To find the "key" you have to interact with the elements in the very strange environment...how strange? Strange bird like critters in sock puppet nests.....a sea of random objects bobbing on the breeze?

Animation style is flash based, very simple shapes, and a mostly cool colour palette of blues and greens

They say action speak louder then words...here's the trailer...


Gamer's Review - NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

If you enjoy Greek Mythology you might enjoy this side scrolling game from Over the Top Games....Nyx Quest. Originally released for the Wii and then Steam (the version I have and being reviewed), you play the titular Nyx, a winged girl or an air spirit depending on your interpretation, who ventures down to the surface to find her missing friend Icarus (the same one with the wax wings). Ancient Greece seems to have gone to hell as the land seem to have turned to deserts, the sun is unforgiving and the sand is so hot touching it will hurt Nyx, forcing her to stand and fly from broken pieces of debris to avoid touching the ground. Creatures (espeically crows) made out of shadows haunt the land and impede Nyx in her quest. To help Nyx in her quests the Greek gods...the first being Zeus...grant her new powers to over come obstacles.

On the game play front....traditional side scrolling controls with the exception Nyx can flap her wings and fly for limited of time and flaps (as indicted by the feather meter). To make things really interesting you also have a cursor icon (controlled by the mouse) to perform actions like stopping pillars from crashing you, grabbing fire balls, and moving blocks provided they have a specific symbol on it. For me personally it was kind of frustrating ... video game console controls don't translate overly well to the keyboard and mouse world....without a gamepad you might have some difficulty in the control department, more so with tasks involving coordination with moving Nyx herself and using the cursor icon to perform a seperate action at the same time ..as of typing I'm still having a hard time trying to fly to avoid the hydra's attack and at the same time trying to catch and fling fire balls at him....I predict it would work better with the wii remote.

On the artistic front....the atmosphere is fantastic yet unsettling and forbidding  The Greek vibe is strong yet punishing in feel, an Ancient Greek Dystopia I would say. Unease is suggested by the endless tracks of deserts, Ancient Greek ruins baked into redish-brown earthen tones by the hot sun and the music is wonderful yet continues the feel of this is a sun baked hell.

In conclusion.....I have heard of this game before and I only got it because it was part of 2-D game bundle and out of all of them I find this game very intrigueing. If you enjoy good traditional Greek style music and Greek mythology I would suggest this game....a dystopia set in Ancient Greece is an interesting mixture.


Gamer's Review - Crayon Physics

What can I say about the digital download physics based action puzzler other then this is a very interesting and unique game. The premise of Crayon Physics is simple. You have to lead a red ball towards a star....however you can only nudge the ball in one strict direction for a tiny bit of length. So to help the ball to the star have to draw in structures etc to help it along....things you can draw and materialize can be almost anything....make shift bridges to close, or ropes to fling things across like a boxed in ball to the star. The puzzles can be an actual head scratch, and require some literate physics based thinking....they did called this game Crayon Physics

The art design is very simple and yet nostalgic and pastoral as recalls childhood memories of a child playing with their crayon set on a piece of crippled beige paper. The entire world is make up of crayon doodles and children's drawings....you can even draw your own doodles on the over world map. Even the music is recalling that nostalgia of playing with crayons as a kid.

In conclusion...I didnt know about this game before I got it as part of a Humble Indie Pack and I say it was amazing surprise to unpack and love the pastel like feel and relaxing atmosphere. Even if it wasn't a humble indie deal....I would still get it for the fun factor...even better if it was discounted on steam.


The Beartic is out there....the last Pokemon cities tournamnet

My record at today's cities...W:2 and L:4...the wins were due to no shows...I'm more of the Poke Artist then fighter. However I just play pokemon tcg for fun and to prove that...I play with my favorites and not the most popular cards to use...its no fun when everyone is using the same cards. Despite the losing streak I put up a pretty good fight. One match up, the first one, I had one prize (other guy had two) left before my opponent knocked my Keldeo EX. It was a very close match and both and  my opponent was nervous why?...Beartic was busying sheer cooling a team of Mewtwo EX, Terrakion and I think one of the Kami trio was in there somewhere with Articuno. Despite the losing outcome I am very proud of the fact Beartic and his polar subjects can stand up to the big guys and cause actual headaches, really big dents and head scratches.

My deck (King of the Urals) is themed.. besides Russia and Siberia..around freezing cold tactics to stall the game (one matches in a past cities went into over time) and stop the opponent with sleep and paralyzing effects. The primary fighter is Beartic(with Articuno in 2nd)... especially the ones with sheer cold. Sheer Cold deals 50 Dmg and prevents the defending pokemon from attacking in the opponent's next turn...sort of like a half effect of paralyze and no coin flip required. It proved to be VERY useful battling and buying time against big guys (Mewtwo EX)..provided they don't retreat, while you get that finisher on bench ready to charge....or knock out the defending pokemon with Beartic's Icicle Crash when time is right. Kind of like my personal ice wall....now think whats a good complement to go with Beartic...now I really have attend the Pokemon Worlds tournament in a Beartic outfit. Psst its also my cosplay for 2013.

Still it was fun time...it was great to welcome and say hi to the Pokemon Club members from Victoria (I was a member of the club when I was studying in UVIC) and I got free special eevee promo card just for attending...it has City Championships on it. Plus I mange to trade someone for another Beartic..now I can have 4 different Beartics in my deck.
It's a full house at Magic Stronghold. Over 50 trainers in Masters Devision.

My precious and favorite to use Beartic...the bear went over the mountain and  into my deck!

The special promo card everyone gets.


Poppin Cookin Candy Bento Kit

I finally opened that box of make your own candy bento....I say it was fun experience...despite the fact I added a tiny bit too much water for some parts, plus didnt mix it enough for some that it looks and tastes mushier then should be. Hopefully I can nail it the next time I make one of the candy kits. Its super cute...you have all the needed candy powders colour codes to make which part, a tray mold and the instructions are on the back of the box...which unfortunately for me I couldn't read but the pictures helped...except with showing how much water to add. Just a pointer you must have a steady arm....which fortunately I do from my old candy making job. As for taste...the parts I mixed well and didnt add too much water tasted better then well I need more practice. The "rice" tastes like gooey lemon soda, and the orange part tastes well like orange.

The box it came in.

Time to make the candy octopus sausage
Now the mushroom and egg...oops too much water.

Now the rice balls....really sticky to make like real rice balls.
The sad looking panda rice ball.
How it all looks so far.
Making the orange for the piping bag.
The Finished Product eat up.


Treasured Cosplayer's Moment - The Day I Met Chelsea FC in Cosplay

Every Cosplayer has a moment in their Cosplaying adventures that they will treasure for eternity....this is mine and judging by the title you can guess what happened. It was truly a day comparable to a manga story and as one fellow cosplayer would put it THAT WAS EPIC.

This is me Engel Dreizehn posing.
It was the summer of 2009...July to be exact. I was in Seattle for the Chelsea FC Friendly vs Seattle Sounders and I was a big (now bigger and thankful) fan of one of the players on the then Chelsea FC Team....Mr. Michael Ballack the German Wonder. I was extremely sad because I did not get to meet him (despite being very close...the bench close) and I even made a special, original design costume just for the game.... that's how Engel Dreizehn the German cyborg star was born. The happy part the outfit was greatly admired by fans and I think Frank Lampard saw me in it. He looked excited to suddenly see me.

So I gave up on attempting to meet Mr. Ballack and just did my normal Cosplay thing that fateful day.... Followed my true cosplay passion...looking forward to the Sakura Con parade in the evening, and exploring Seattle in Cosplay....I had no hotel so it was easier to wear my Cosplay...which was blood stained Nurse Kaori (from Junko Mizuno's Pure Trance) with her giant fluffy pink chainsaw. This is me from Video Games live in Vancouver as Nurse Kaori.

After coming back from a fun visit to the Art Gallery (I highly advise visiting) and Aquarium I was walking towards Four Season hotel when I see...wait isn't that the trainer's uniform for Chelsea FC????? One fan spotted me recognizing me from my soccer costume and said "this is Chelsea Fc's hotel and they are leaving soon"....I was extremely excited at the prospect of meeting Mr. Ballack and more so when I realized....I'm in Cosplay. Of course being a nurse with a chainsaw I did attract...ummm certain attention. For starters a group from the nearby restaurant were taking pictures of me.."oooo Sexy!!"

Look for me I'm circled in red on the bus's reflection,
 A group of Chelsea FC Staff were discussing amongst themselves...."Yeh Frank is...*signs to his colleges towards me...all of them look at me with looks of what the bloody hell is that*" Another staff member bowed back to me when I politely bowed. Oh yes players very much saw me....Petr Cech was giving the most awkward wave, smile and the look of "please don't kill me" when I politely waved at him. Yuri Zhirkov the then new Russian player looked extremely shy and scared when greeting the other fans with me....*should I or should I not go to greet them*. I feel sorry for him because he was having culture shock and language issues and I might have made it worse by my frightening appearance. I am still trying to contact him to apologize.

Confused Chelsea FC staff looking at me...I'm circled in red
Now did I ever get to see Mr. Ballack...yes he very much saw me and as I recalled he was sincerely smiling at me and looked very happy to see me. I found out later that his toe was injured during practice when I saw him. He had to quit the US tour and head back to London for treatment. I am very happy that I was able to brighten up his day and I am very thankful towards him now for his kind response towards my outfit....he gave me ATLEAST one autograph as surprise gifts when he moved to Leverkusen. Trying to contact him to ask him do you remember me and more so about my autographs....I did say I received atleast one autograph from him and I didnt ask for them.

More Cosplayers waiting for the Sakura Con Parade to start

The Sakura Con Parade Nice
How did the Sakura Con parade turn out....it was fun and amazing.


Gamer's Review - World of Goo

What can be more fun then making towers of oooey gooey goodness....that the point in this action, physics puzzler, World of Goo.

Point of World of Goo seems simple enough at first...make a gooey structure out of a bunch of sentient goo balls all the way to a drain pipe so that the other extra goo ball buddies can be collected by the  and on to the next level. You must collect a certain amount of goo balls to pass. You think its easy but no...they add in more types of goo balls (plant, water, match sticks) and hazards like cliffs, fire (regular goo balls hate fire), and spikes then you get something..."ok this is a bit tricky." Humor is found in plenty of amounts....I mean you are playing with goo balls with eye balls, the mysterious sign painter will comically give you hints and one challenge involves attaching goo balloons to a giant's arm so she can lift her arm to provide extreme, and clean beauty energy.

Graphics are simple 2-D but whats the word its whimsical, its monochrome shadows at sunset on certain levels and the visual focus is obviously on....the happy little goo balls and making goo towers.


Gamer's Review - Awesomenauts

Well when i saw the monkey with a jet pack spewing out a strong Russian accent...I was thinking what kind of game is this... After I played, I'm still thinking the same thing along with the fact this is fun, its frantic and hilarious.

Awesomenauts is fun...purely online PvP playing as mercenary teams on distant planets and galaxies battling each other, and hostile alien life in a bid to take out the enemy's drill. Gameplay wise it's side scrolling and very straight forward....blast the other team apartment. Unfortunately for me, I am the world most reckless and trigger happy of a flying sniper and experimenting with classes...guess what happened 50% of the time. Every character has it own special style and ability; for example, Lonestar is a gun totting space cow boy equipped with dynamite and holographic bulls, and the French accented Leon is equipped with his energy blade and a french kiss of a tongue. More characters are unlocked with each level up and obviously humor is big part of the game.

Artistic front wise....its 2d side scrolling platforming shooter set in space on various different planets...including a jungle planet and a space station. Seasonal cosmetic changes are also available, judging by giant Christmas present lying around everywhere. Its cartoony, its sci-fi, its hilarious....do you even want to be french kissed by an alien lizard with a long smiley tongue.

When playing this game.... remember to have strong internet connection or you're going to get knocked off every so often.