Gamer's Review - Beat Buddy: Tales of the Guardians

Well the first thing I can say about Beat Buddy is I was attracted to this game because of its soundtrack but now I can sau, in addition also the very rich and beautiful art work. So far the controls are very platforming in style with the exception you're floating underwater.

In the aquatic world of Beat Buddy music and beats is the very life  force and blood of everything. However someone is disrupting that musical harmony and that's where Beat Buddy comes in. Each chapter/level is powered by a song and everything from the obstacles, strange plant life and wildlife pulse to the rhythm and beats...Aquatic, sealife drums bounce Beat Buddy everywhere while crabs will stab everything that gets close to them. Very rich and hand drawn style backgrounds and environment all around although Beat Buddy himself seems to be CGI in composition. The soundtrack alone is where this game shines. SO far very heavy musical notes of Electro Swing, which is in a nutshell sounds like old time swing with touches of some very modern influences. The artists and songs on this soundtrack so far are Parov Stelar's "Beatbuddy Swing" and Sabrepulse's "Love Swing". Just for the music and art alone I would suggest this game but I sense this could be a short ride considering there are 6 worlds to explore and I'm on the 2nd one already. Still it's a small gem of a game.


Gamer's Review - Skull Girls (first dive)

How is everyone after this Christmas season? Well on the chopping block we have my new present to play with...Skull Girls. I have been waiting a long time to play this game. I also made a very important discovery  when I first touched this game....I REallllYY not experienced with the game play and controls of conventional fighting games as outlined in the fact I am having extreme trouble pulling off a specific special attack on command in a tutorial and in normal battle I'm firing out special attacks randomly and at random intervals. Ja I cannot do a block buster for my life currently...that's how inexperienced I am with fighting games and I do not blame the controls.

Other then me playing and getting used to the game play mechanics to the point I don't have enough info to write anything accurate about game play other we do other multiple game play modes like story and arcade mode. The actual world of Skull Girls is very rich art wise. Beautiful backgrounds and cartoonist/anime cast members. The atmosphere is what I like to call set in a fantasy style setting of the Golden Age of Hollywood where glitz and glamour ruled and strings are being pulled behind the scenes. Perfect setting for a fighting game isn't it? Fights take place as if a movie is being filmed with the "director" yelling CUT! and the theme is furthered on carried in the cast....for example, the fighter I have chosen and have endeared to as my personal choice is Peacock. A crazed cyborg hazard of a girl who is styled after 1920-40's black and white cartoons complete with an arsenal of cartoon weaponry, which sets my cartoon heart a flutter...now how to pull out a walking bomb on command.

Despite the from scratch learning curve I'm having right now....I just having fun with it as long as I don't have to do a special attack on command. I mean it's fun to watch Peacock and her cartoon cronies duke it out. Yes let how much and how fast I gonna to learn how to play this game.


Gamer's Review - Rush Brothers

Pounding clubbing music and acid colour graphics with a race to death...must be Rush Brothers. First thing first this is a very visually stunning game with a matching soundtrack but the controls and levels are taking some getting used especially when I somewhat unskilled with platformers.

Using the controller helped the gameplays controls greatly...especially when I customized the control scheme. I have slightly mixed feelings about the level designs....I honestly was enjoying being an acrobat, wall climbing around obstacles and doing controlled free falls, and leaps to avoid spikes along to the music. I did notice the obstacles bopped in time with the music somewhat. However at the same time there were many obstacles that left with thinking "what the flickers!?!?!". I had to restart one level after a screw up. I was expecting a more concrete story mode (or I haven't found it yet) involving the two djing brothers and the mysteriously Monitor.

The strongest point of this game and the reason why I got it in the Steam Holiday sale is the entire visual look and the soundtrack. It just makes my EDM heart all a flutter with joy...the colours, awesome it fits in with any club setting and great work on the background details....very sci-fi, futuristic, and alien. Well the screenshots can explain it better then words. The soundtrack....awesome its sure to rock any club and set it on fire!!! Just awesome...my favorites so being "One Love", "Haven", and "I Am Fire" (<--PERSONAL favorite). I was also impressed that Infected Mushroom is on the soundtrack list.<-- On DJ Mag's Top 100 Dj's list.

I would suggest this game (highly advise on sale) if you're going it together with a friend so you both "what the flickers!" with controls and just have fun...or just get it to purely enjoy that stunning artworks and music like me. I would cosplay as one of the Rush Brothers as a dance floor/clubbing cosplay just based on the visual and musical set up.


Tsukino Con Pixel art

Just getting the things ready for Tsukino Con in February.....made some more of my free handed Kalos starter heads plus their shiny coloration. Shiny Chespin is not pictured because my eye balls got tired. These will be at my artist alley table at Tsukino Con in Victoria.


Gifts in the Mail

Well I was super shocked to find I have won a giveaway from Bunny and Spice, a make-up blogger living in Japan (Thank You)...this was my first time ever winning a giveaway and I'm happy about it.

This is what I got...love the Book of Friends and AKB48 stuff. Munching on the cookies now.


Animated Review - Get A Horse

Trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible because well...the above clip from Disney Animation may seem  like it's a old vintage cartoon from the black and white days but then it blew my mind in the theater. I wasn't prepared for that other then the short can't be just a small square on screen. "Get a Horse" animated short this currently being shown as the opening act to "Frozen" in theaters and its not what it might seems. All i can hint about this short is you must see this in 3-D to enjoy the mind blowing effects cause its in both 3-D and 2-D!

What I find most interesting other the mind blowing twist which I cannot tell is despite being the newest animated short made, it retains the charm, look, and feel of the old 1920's Mickey Mouse cartoons to the point it won't look out of place in a vintage cartoon archives (until the twist pops out). Even an archival voice recording of Walt Disney himself was used to voice Mickey Mouse. Cartoon physics reign high as outlined when Mickey and Co. used it to their advantage to give hell to Pete and literally flip his top.

I highly suggest watching this short especially in 3-D because it will blow your mind while still staying vintage.


Movied Review - Frozen

Just got back from the release day showing Disney's Frozen and there is only thing left to do now....review it.

First of all I couldn't resist the opportunity to go to a movie on release in cosplay so I went in my Princess Anna dress with my Anna doll in hand. The kids in particular did notice especially AFTER the movie that thee is something familiar about my dress....one person much to my joy in the bathroom recognized it instantly as the dress Princess Anna wears. After seeing to this movie and Anna moving in that dress...HOW DOES SHE EVEN move in that dress in snowy/icy terrain?

Now as the for the story line...it's a simple story loosely based on the original Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, classic Disney style but with a few twists to the formula which I won't spoil other then true love does save the day but it's not the romantic kind and even though an apparently villain is present right from the beginning, it is not the main villain. The main theme of the movie is the sisterly bond between Elsa and Anna, which was very warm and tender at first but becomes frozen and shattered by an accident involving Elsa's ice powers and Elsa shutting herself away from anyone as a result, to prevent herself from hurting anyone.

Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) the summer loving snowman just steals the show with his lines, humor and lovable personality..."I'm just been impaled."..."Hello!" *AHHHH*, and of course Olaf singing his admiration for all things summery and warm. If you're watching this movie expect alot of musical number which is Disney style but really decent. Anna is the fun, loving little sister who is a romantic and very positive thinking but is a fierce adventurer with a strong bond with her older sister. Reasons why I picked her as my cosplay during Halloween and for the upcoming Tsukino Con. Elsa is almost the exact opposite, she is cold yet warm because even though she is fiercely shutting her self from the world around her is she is terrified of hurting anyone. In addition she has the knowledge to rule her kingdom with wise decisions yet when she is talking with Anna about Hans.

The visuals is where this movie shines the most. The strong feel of Norway in the visual look of the kingdom of Arendelle and Disney has really outdone itself in terms of visuals effects with snow and ice, which was gorgeous to see in 3-D. The thick, powdery blizzards, the rainbow ice crystals of the ice palace and the threat of icicles growing and enveloping everything it touches. It's interesting to note that most of the ice and snow is connected to Elsa's moods....beautiful and gentle shapes when she's happy and unfriendly and fierce spike forms when she is angry and scared.

In conclusion, Disney has made a simple but classic animated film which surprisingly has tones of nostalgia from the older "Princess" films but with a few modern twists to the formula. Next time we'll be reviewing the animated short that shown with Frozen..."Get a Horse"

Here's the trailer from Disney Animation...


Gamer's Review - Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival (first impressions)

Well it's pleasant time to return to Fate's Carnival in this newest installment in the Mystery Case Files series. So far the big departure or rather return is the art style is hand drawn of the original Madame Fate (so far abandoning the live action hybrid) but with added cinematic animation and CGI effects of the newer generation games. I was surprised the carnies you find look almost exactly the same as they appear in the original Madame Fate.

If any of you played the very old Madame Fate, at the end Madame Fate and the 12 carnies in his carnival all met an untimely fate at midnight however as it turns out they are not dead but rather trapped in a moment of time just before they are doomed in sort of an undead state and when you find them...disappearing into time until you the Detective is called to the site of the old carnival when it (the carnival) suddenly appears. In addition a sinister force is following you as a crow seems to be stalking you, as you unravel the mystery of the curse and rescue the carnies.

The basic formula has not changed much in comparison to the previous MCF games as we have the point click style of exploring and hidden object scenes popping up. Only this time we have the help of a black Egyptian cat named Isis to help you reach objects from hard to reach places. The gameplay also marks the return of the door puzzles where you have a scene and the point is the experiment with the moving objects to figure out how to solve the puzzle and unlock the door.

So far I find it interesting and joyful to return to a very old MCF scenario and continue the story of Madame's Fate carnival, seeing familiar sights and figures.


Djs from Mars at Volume Club in Seattle

Since the night, I saw Djs from Mars in Vancouver for their gig in June, me and the Martians have been keeping in touch with each other since then. So when, I wanted a short mini-vacation I decided to travel all the way down to Seattle to see them perform live again.

First of all being a cosplayer, artist at heart and playful by nature, I decided to try design a cosplay outfit that made for the dance floor whether its at an anime convention or club. It was very interesting to try to blend and balance Cosplay visual form and clubbing style fashions into one unique cosplay. The hardest part in making the cosplay was brainstorming who was going to be the cosplay. A lot of ideas were bounced around including My Little Pony, Beatmania IIDX until finally Kalos region Pokemons was choosen....and after further brain storming Talonflame, the flaming bird and my current team leader Pokemon was chosen as the Cosplay. It was a fun task to make the outfit including a fire and air themed manicure that was completely Rainbow Honey for colour and indie appeal.

This is how it turned out...

Super form fitting, 5-10 hours to make and very tricky to make it fit me perfectly.
The details were hand painted on with fabric paints, while I designed the Talonflame inspired motifs.
A unique property which I only found out at the club was...the fabric was UV-Light sensitive.
Anything white on my outfit glowed bright blue, while the motifs remained dark. It was amazing to see.
 The Manicure (it's a little dark to see)
All of these polishes are from Rainbow Honey
Blue Pokeball: Skybot, Kawako, Spirit of Wonder, Mt Moon (Glitter Overlay)
Rest: Hoof Wrestle, Magic Cake (UV Light Sensitive)

All of these polishes are from Rainbow Honey
Orange Pokeball: Hoof Wrestle, Kawako, Spirit of Wonder, Frozen Flame (Glitter Overlay)
Rest: Skybot, Magic Cake (UV Light Sensitive)

 It was a blast and fun times! EDM Wednesdays at Volume Club, Seattle! Amusing time at ID check when the staff were at first confused by my Canadian-BC photo ID. Despite the fact I had to act (like a fierce Talonflame) and take certain precautions like minimizing and not interacting with other people (no offense to anyone, I had to protect myself), and carrying Momiji my rabbit shaped backpack (the cute distraction!) along to protect myself. I wasn't taking ANY chances considering I was flying solo from out of country at night. Oh I was very much focused on my Martian contact mission. Beforehand me and the djs agreed upon a signal where I would waved a hand held Italian flag (which I doodled Talonflame's head and our names on) to signal my position during the show. Thankfully I was quick to claim a spot at the front near the dj booth and sardine canned into it after.

Oh man I love high energy style of the opening acts...sorry can't remember your names but if I wasn't saving my energy I would have jump styled it but that remix of Avicii's "Wake me up" got me so pumped I couldn't help but dance abit. Then the Djs from Mars come in thier box headed glory and switch places with the last opening dj! I quickly wave the flag to signal and to my joy Happy Box recognized the signal and pointed to me and then tapped Angry Box on the shoulder to show him my signal. Oh the set was awesome, the djs interacted with the audience every so often with Happy Box walking out and greeting the audience up-close and high-energy mash-ups hits. Everyone included me just jumped and dance...well it was flag waving for me since that was the only body part of my I could move expressively, and looking at the pictured playback...thats the only way you could spot me. Bringing that flag was a good idea.

One of the open act djs...he's good.

Here are the aliens.

Now I was minding my own business watching the stage and listening to the music, when suddenly a guy from the stage comes to invites me to come on stage with the djs!!!! I did not expect that to happen (no patron was allowed on stage) but I very much assume it was the aliens who summoned me to stage....oh my I was so happy and at the same time stunned that I flame charged up the stage in a rush. I was lead to the dj booth and the djs warmly welcomed and greeted me to their humble home. Angry Box gave me a big, warm hug when I greeted him. Oh this was incredible awesome yet surreal time at the dj booth. As my fellow cosplayer from Alberta, GamerGirrl would say "Moments like (this) are hard to express." Two Martians and One Talonflame on stage together = 3 cartoon persona synergy.

 Happy Boxhead was more intent on cheering the crowd on and the dj task at hand. While Angry Box was intent also with the dj task but was kind of like a "baby sitter" abit with me, interacting more with me and Momiji at the dj booth.

 As long as I don't interfere and touch anything...I was allowed to observe intently and with keen interest the aliens at work and their box heads (that's a secret). Wow this is some technical turntable set up we have here...digital CD turntables, alot of wires and cables plus some other equipment which didn't look familiar to me...alien actually. In addition I also helped out my alien hosts cheer the crowd on, especially when Happy Box unplugged his headset to go greet the audience up close leaving me fill in for his "cheer" role with Angry Box at the dj booth. Even though I was very shy on stage, my cosplay cheering skills tapped in and I helped the dj cheer team out with slightly birdish actions (I'm Talonflame) or copycatting whatever the aliens did. As thanks and a momento of me I gave the aliens my signal flag to keep. Happy Box took the flag and waved it in the closing moments...we actually went into overtime slightly as we found out when Happy Box checked his phone.

It my signal flag! I gave it to them as a gift!

The alien hosts and their special guest.

As it all came to a close, I asked them to autograph my cosplay to make it extra special but with meaning and then we said our parting words and thanks as security offered me a ride back to my hotel (Thank you so much!). I will never forget this night of being the special guest of Djs from Mars and looking into the workings of the world of djs for a bit. Grazies Signors called Djs from Mars, time to sign out...Cheers!



Home Sweet Home

Oh how silly of me..I have been so busy with my new job that I forgot to blog about this. I now work at Steve's Boardshop in Steveston, Richmond (aka the set of Storybrooke for Once Upon a Time). It's cool store....quite colourful place, visually and maybe I'll take up boarding. It's the perfect place for me to work at.
The store is on the left, and we have a fun musical neighbor.

Our humble but colourful interior.

Now I thought it would be a good idea to bring a jar of my artist alley-water colour buttons to sell. So if you want to get some of my buttons when I'm not at artist alley come on down here...the jar is near the front plus come check us out.


Halloween at Exp Bar

When you're a gamer and cosplayer and want to eat out with friends on Halloween night...what better place to hang out then Exp Bar restaurant here in Vancouver. Exp Bar is heavenly hangup/restaurant for gamers in Vancouver and favorite to unwind after a Convention, Work or Pokemon tournament. Tonight was their Halloween festivities....the restaurant was done up in Halloween decor (Pumpkins!) and the servers were all dressed up.

First of all this was my costume....I was dressed as Princess Anna from the upcoming Disney movie "Frozen". Since I was the new unreleased Disney Princess....I was a disadvantage when it comes to "hey you're..." That didn't bother me AT ALL. Anna is cute and has a very beautiful dress, took 20-30 hours to make and I look amazing.

I have to Anna doll to pose with.

Two of the OPI's Minnie Mouse Collection polishes were used in this Disney Princess Manicure
Man Exp Bar was so busy/crowded that me and friend took up an idea offered and shared a big table with 3 other guys (can't beat a well behaved musketeer, Freddy Krueger claws and such with accents as table mates) and well competition for the costume contest was tough....to put it in a nut shell the top 3 costumes were armored, took months to make and well they were AWESOME. Food was yummy, I had the Macaroni Burger (not kidding) with a side of veggies (watching my health) and a very yummy seasonal cocktail. My favorite cocktail so far on their menu...the Heart of Ice. A Blue Alize-Vodka cocktail with a minty aftertaste served with a crown of ice. I don't drink that much...seriously!

Love these gaming pumpkin decor.

The Heart of Ice. Only available in the Winter time.

The Glowing Drink a table mate ordered. Forgot if it was alcoholic or not.


Gamer's Review - Pokemon X (first impressions)

Well the big day came for all Pokemon fans...XY is officially here on the planet. For starters...I only got my copy today because I was working at the board shop the entire release weekend. Plus I have a tradion of naming my trainer after an influential role model friend but since I had two choices this time....went for the European double name and I stunned there was actually enough room to fit it. In addition named my Chespin "Tim Bergling"...if you know the dj world, you know who Tim Bergling is.

We got the classic pokemon battling/adventure fare on the table only this time its all in 3-D in the beautiful, new region of Kalos. Now I was super excited for Kalos because of its French inspiration and the fact I visited France long ago....oh that was an amazing trip to Paris and getting stranded in Lyon. So far the French look and feel of France is ever so present in Kalos with the flower fields, coutnryside and the quint little Mustard roof style buildings. In addition the trainers have what I like to called "Euro-Cool" feel in their fashion sense. Roller skating is taking some used to....this how the Real Kalos looks like. Notice the inspiration?
Parisian City Scape

Eiffel Tower
Leaving Lyon via Train

In terms of new gameplay elements....I was initially surprised that you can earn experience now with capturing a pokemon and the fact Poke-Amie and Super Training are available right from the start. Tried out Poke-Amie first. It's fun to interact with mini games (managed to solve the tile puzzles very fast), belly rubs and head scratches, (Chespin is toooo adorable in Amie) and feeding your Pokemon puffs. The 3-D effects are good but I wished they carried over into the overworld view map....Kalos seems so beautiful so far. I was also impressed that straight out of the gate you somewhat of a diverse selection of Pokemon to capture besides the bird and rat combo...and different regions included.

Yes I'm training a Vivilion and a Flabebe (cue my fellow trainers screaming what are you thinking???). My Vivilion turned to a "High Plains" Pattern...and I live in/set it to British Columbia, Canada. What other patterns did everyone esle get?

Smile for the Camera!!!!

Still exploring Kalos...can't wait to see what esle is there.


Chespin Manicure

In honor of Pokemon XY's release...and tp kill time until I can pick up my copy on Thanksgiving, Chespin Nails. Yes I choose Chespin as my future poke-buddy. Decided to go for his colour scheme in a stylized but chespinny way.
Green : Unpredictable (China Glaze)
Brown: Midnight in Moscow (OPI)
Flesh Tone: Don't Pretzel My Button (OPI)
Glitter Overlay: Mt Moon (Rainbow Honey)


Vcon 2013 Con Report

Oww sore back from Vcon and being an artist alley vendor for the 3rd time. Sad to say I made a slight loss at this con but I learned alot of things as a vendor like oh wongs of the hotel are quiet at times and we need more foot traffic. It was so quiet on Friday(in particular) and Saturday at certain hours that I was starting to do the waddle dance/circus tricks and today they were empty spots which I thought previously had people. ABANDON SHIP!!.so you can say it was a tactical stint.

My neighbor Karucrafts (https://www.facebook.com/KaruCrafts) aww thanks for being good tablemates and sorry for attempting to juggle your balls....they are so squishy!!!! Points to Vcon for the free Con Scripts. I was able to make my artist alley neighbors happy by doing some pretty button shopping. It was also nice to chat with customers and fellow cosplayers too...even gave a slight good word for my Martian friends (IT's Real!!! they are such things as "Djs from Mars" and they can rock'n rock!!). Awesome outfits this year. Surprised not many cosplayers but exotic mix.

Sold new products along side my signature pixel art and postcard stuff....water colour style buttons and eyeball stickers. Oddly in a different scenario from what I used to at anime conventions...perler beads art are usually the best sellers but this time it was the new eyeball stickers and buttons that were the sellers. People thought they were pretty so I'll keep these in stock for the next artist alley stints. Happy that one of my original design "No Passports!" postcards got sold...Jaroslav the Polish Mermaid. Despite HER name....she is a she and my steampunk style mermaid, also the first image that was formatted for printing purposes with a few bugs. Its marked with my real name in the corner.

 I designed the Engel Dreizehn outfit for a soccer game involving my favorite German soccer star (hence the soccer/Germany flavor) originally and included in the original design plans a parasite-twin brother rendered as a sword or with the wsord cover, an eye. I prefer to use the outfit as my vendor's persona for my own special touch.
Well trained Steampunk dog.

Icey from Winx Club


Penelope and Bijou

Master Chief

My half table is Ready

Vocaloid and Creeper

Me at the end of the last day in full Engel regalia.


Eyeball Stickers for Vcon!!!!

It was a long cutting session and my own eyeballs are sore now but I manged to finish my eyeball stickers for Vcon. How do they look?


Buttons for Vcon

Awesome and thank the heavens my buttons came just in time for vcon!!!! They are water coloured and inked in creating a very beautiful effect then button monkeyed. I designed themed collections: "The Elements of Nature", "Mythical Creatures", "Space and Aliens" and "The Garden". See how this grows and turns out at Vcon. They are so beautiful looking....this will be at future artist alley stints.


Back in the saddle

If you were wodnering about the long pause in postings....that is becuase my computer broke and I had to go with 3DS for basic internet functions which did not include blogging soo...heres a posting to say i'm alive while I get everything esle settled.

Played this to keep  entertained while I fixed my computer problem. Wonder what this game could be?