The Reviews- Cirque Du Soleil's Amaluna

Well like I said in my last Cirque entry it was a magical night of costumes, music and acrobats at Cirque Du Soleil's Amaluna.

 I have nothing negative to say about the show other then I wish people would not chatter and make snide remarks during some acts when it seem to look too easy. Felt sorry for the one mishap during one act...again I don't know if it was on purpose or not. It just adds to the fact you're watching a live show. Plus as with any Cirque Show.... souvenirs can be expansive, especially if its a hand craft piece. Then again that explains the price. As with any Cirque Show I highly advise investing in getting the program guide to preserve those memories.

Guess what I was wearing at the performance:) No one noticed I was in partial Cosplay and hence Miku Suits are fashionable and blend in well....atleast in Vancouver. I wasn't the only one in something fashionable to wear to the Circus. One group (A Noveau-Rocco pink lady, yellow/black lady and a french men?) came in nice looking outfits too. Going to the circus and looking good at the same time nice outfits seriously nice outfits, if they're reading this.
Even my nails were all indexed out for the show. We got two coats of China Glaze's It's a Trapeze (from the Cirque Collection) and one coat 20% Cooler (Rainbow Honey) on the index finger. The rest of the fingers are one coat Hanging in the Balance (also from China Glaze's Cirque Collection) and two coats of It's a Trapeze. I say It's a Trapeze is very nice looking wether it going to see Cirque or not.

Inside the actual big top itself the no camera rule was strictly enforced (as I found out when I attempt to take a pic of the stage just before the show.). However the show was awesome, a familiar cirque setting, a colour tropical setting however I am impressed the acts were unique and reinvented. There is something for everyone new or familiar with Cirque's style. We got the typical circus arts like the unicycles, Viktor Kee's juggling and flying gymnastics skills only add some rockeques music and add 20% more coolness and high flying energy (maybe even flames and water) and you get something exciting and new. The line up also included exotic acts of the strange but wonderful. One of these acts included the Balance act. It is hard to describe in words because it must seen to believe but essentially a lone female (Swiss performer Lara Jacobs Rigolo) slowly picks up sticks with her toes balancing at first one stick on one in her hands and so on until she has a "frond" of sticks carefully balanced against each other and the performer herself has to align herself so as not to topple all of them. She in addition balances the entire frond on her head and carefully gets the last stick to stand up so as to balance the frond on that stick.....perfect balance. Until as the final she pulls out the smallest stick and the entire structure collapses elegantly ..even the smallest piece of the puzzle is require for perfect balance, or esle it all falls down.

As for music it still Cirque style but the inclusion of rock of elements makes the soundtrack very interesting and fits in the high energy feel/ fierceness of the acts and it is interesting to note the entire band is all female and most of the performing cast is also female.

As for costumes...wow. Fitting in with the island of female mythology the costume recall tribal notes, island life and mythology (one example being the Valkyries). My costume highlights included the Peacocks....symbols of Hera and fitting in well with the theme of female strength. These regal looking outfits had mechanisms in the back that would unfold into the peacock's tail. The golden outfits of the unicyclists had dresses of golden cages which could be taken off when performing extreme stunts and despite their heavily wrought look, the dresses could be taken apart and carried around by the cyclists. Cali the lizard hybrid's tail was interesting...I suspect there was a non motorized mechanism inside the tail which would whip and wiggling with realistic movement. The performer, Viktor Kee had to literately pretend its his own tail and treat it as so....really get into character ja.

Well it was magical night and I highly advise people to see the show. This is "Zehnny" signing off.

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