Ponies for Christmas.

One of the presents I got for Christmas...the rest of are being given to me during the week till new years....extremely curious what my sister (blogger of Cosmetic Proof) got me. With the nervous feel about the big after grad job search and the fact my dear kitty died of old age and cancer last night may he rest in peace....presents are a welcome and calming sight.... especially when they're ponies.

 My friend ( THKS FRIEND!!) got these....The Special Toys R Us only Friendship is Magic Favorites Collection....I say it an exciting collection we got here. We got two of the Mane 6, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash plus drumroll.....Nightmare Moon. I say Nightmare Moon is nicely detailed and almost exact to her animated counter part. We got DJ Pon3 aka Vinyl Scratch looking relatively close to her animated counter part too....oh yes we got the great and powerful Trixie too too.....like the collection name we got alot of fan favorites. Although keep their manes clean and tangle free.

 Signing off....what do you think I'm going to do with the Rainbow Dash Doll when I have the bottle of 20% Cooler with me.

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