Movied Review - Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away 3D

First here's the trailer....

Where can I start with the new Cirque Du Soleil movie other then keep an open mind and don't expect a strong unifying story line because this movie is what I like to call a true variety show of the dreaming world, and it may be confusing/random for some if you are not familiar with the elements of the 7 Vegas  Cirque shows and that "Worlds Away" is a combination of all 7. Fortunately for you I am familiar with the 7 shows and I have seen one (Mystere) of them before.

The basic loose story line is a young woman arrives at a traveling carnival resembling turn of century circuses with a freak show and a ring master barking out orders...also greatly resembling such a photo shoot Cirque did some years back. A sad clown strongly urges her to keep a flyer depicting the "Aerialist". Sure enough she meets the Aerialist helping set up and then later plunging into a rabbit hole in the ground and ends up in a desert with 7 massive and colourful tents set up. From there the lovers are trying to find other while traversing these worlds. The random and abstract nature of the acts means the storyline regrettably takes a back seat and only acts to somewhat unify the show when cruising from one act to another....also there is no talking.

As for pacing....it was very appropriate to open the magical world with "O" both for the same red curtain opening that happens in the Vegas show and to thrill the viewer with the 3D effects...the water effects were amazing to see in 3D. I was surprised at the percentage of screen time devoted to each show, for example; about half of "O"'s acts got screen time, and only one act from "Zumenity" and "Mystere" each got screen time. I think this is because for example shows like "O" and "Ka" would have more to show for in 3D and Zumenity (as the only R-Rated show) is trying to be in a G rated movie. The acts were amazing to see and the main attraction. They were presented very fast (more so in the "O" segment)...as if to give you a taste of each world the lovers visit. Mixing 7 different shows into one is tricky movement and it may seem like a mess for others but for me...it was like a cross between watching a variety act circus and watching a live show...you don't know what to expect or will show up.

As for the ending, I wished that a high energy, and happy act would have ended the entire show in a big celebration as reward for the lovers finding each other. Although it was a nice touch for the final curtain call to be all the acrobats from this movie and their respective shows to take a final bow just like in the live shows.

Cirque fans love be happy because the characters from the various show still retain the personalities of their show counterparts in the movie even when relating to the new characters. For example, La Vieux is grumpy guide to the female lover in her search and is the one who pulls back the curtains; the twin heroes (with the female twin trying to help the female find the male) from Ka help free the captive male lover from the antagonist archers. As for the two new main characters....the female lover came off to me as someone who is meek, a romantic,and very curious when exploring the new world. Most of the time we follow her POV. The male lover however comes off to me as a romantic too and bad lucked as he is in a tight situation already in the opening moments of the show, when he plunges through the ground and the wicked armed archers get to him first and imprison him with the rest of the slaves in the hamster wheel slave cage (in parallel to the treatment his boss gives him in the carnival scenes). Later on he proves his acrobatic skills when finds the female's paper flyer and flies on silk with her through the forests of "Ka"'s world (where the flyer got lost in the first place)....did mention also the Aerialist (Igor Zaripov) was REALLY handsome to look at, like the handsome Soccer stars I love.:):):)

In conclusion, I would suggest go see this movie for its visual feast, the 3d effects (water and fire was very nice to see), and come not expecting a story and expect random surprises to pop up....Beatles music anyone? Cirque fans especially those who have been to Vegas will enjoy the nostalgia  Now this is how my nails looked like for the movie....China Glaze's "Its a Trapeze" from the Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away Collection was used over and along side Rainbow Honey's "Kawako" and "20% Cooler" respectively.

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