Movied Review - Cirque Du Soleil Journey of Man

Since we visited Worlds Away in our last review...its time to review the other Cirque Du Soleil 3D movie, Journey of Man.

Journey of Man  was originally released in IMAX 3D and is original subject, like Worlds Away. The film recycles acts from Quidam, Mystere and O (set in different outdoor environments though and changes in choreography  and is heavily story driven. The story is the audience follows a boy from birth to manhood depicted as a journey across different environments around the world, which begin in natural settings then finally in a man-made setting. Through out the film the boy narrates his journey.

It was exciting to watch this movie (this was before the time I started seeing Cirque Du Soleil shows around the world). 3D effects combined with the costumes and acrobatics were a joy to see despite the technology that was available back then. Despite acts being recycled there is new very beautiful soundtrack for half of them and in addition new choreography for some of them also....all of the acts are set in breath taking environments for example, Bungees from Mystere is set in a forest (warning for the motion sick in this segment) and Banquine is in the foyer of a grand estate.

The one major compliant I have about this film unfortunately is...its too short a film....at 40 minutes this is too short a time to showcase Cirque Du Soleil on screen....yet alone IMAX. At the end of the film I was begging for more.

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