Gamer's Review - Zen Bound 2

Zen Bound is directly simple and yes the title is correct it is really zen like and relaxing in this beautiful gem of a digital download game. The gameplay is very simple....wrap up a wooden or soap stone (depending on the  texture) with rope to lay paint down on to the figure until you have met the minimal paint coverage percentage then finish it off by tying the rope on to the glowing nail. However planning is require as each shape is different and present it own obstacles in some way, you only have a limited amount of rope and you must have enough room and rope to do the final tie up.

In addition simply wrapping a figure up in rope...other ways to paint the figure include tying the rope around nail bombs to splash paint or the paint are on the rope itself. The art direction is fittingly minimalistic with touches of Asian zen, the menus being flowery trees climbing towards the sky and the gaming field is just the minalistic figuring floating in a coloured space.

For the price (I can mine discounted off steam) I say this is the perfect game for unwinding and relaxing...although hardcore gamers might find a lack of seriously hard gameplay and multiple game modes. Well its called Zen Bound 2 it's suppose to relaxing but not maddeningly hard.

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