Gamer's Review - Wonderputt

In the continue saga of how to put your Bachelor's Degree in Art History to FUN use...here's another gamer's review. Two reviews in one day!!!!

This time we got a game that is both online and mobile for the chopping block. Wonderputt is very imaginative and what can I say when a course is suddenly tiny cows get abducted by tiny aliens in tiny ufos. My first impressions when I saw this game was well....I thought going to something like another online game Grow Cube because of the similar art design and its a blocky cartoon island in the sky  (however Wonderputt is less cartoony/flash animation in artistic design)....boy was I wrong.

When I started playing all the first I thought ok just land the ball in the hole...next hole cows grazing and being abducted? Then suddenly a submarine gets frozen and we're a hole inside the sub alias a cross section map? I say I eagerly awaiting where the next hole would be next and what obstacle/surprises would greet me with each successful shot. Although despite the fun factor some shots were tricky because it took me a figure out how to even get the ball to the hole on the first try...the gazebo hole would be one example. However isn't that the fun of playing such a game on the first try?

The art design was super cute, colour and just adds to the appeal..."oooo I wonder what's going to happen next?"

As a final thought I thoroughly enjoyed this game on all aspects and I cannot say any on the mobile front since I do not have one but on online for free front....it was a very pleasant surprise.

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