Gamer's Review - Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow

Lets take a break from the horror genre and take a look this fairytale/ mythical digital download from Urse Games called Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow. Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow is the third in the Season Match gaming series and gameplay wise its match 3 format with some scenes of find this number of objects sequences during story mode. Mechanics wise game play is very smooth, fast paced and easy to learn but takes some actual advance tinkering with harder levels.

Graphics are very colourful and painterly except for game play elements), we're playing the 4 seasons after all. The premise is, (This game is based on the popular Eastern Europe fairytale "The 12 months") you are a traveler who has help free all of the months from a witch's curse or esle the new year won't come. Like most of the fantasy games I have reviewed so far....artistic direction is rich, imaginative and gorgeousness  however the unique hallmark is the blending of multicultural elements. Each month is uniquely rendered as a prince or princess with their own costuming theme and castle which is blending imagination, and various different cultural traits in what I consider is an interesting visual style. For example, April is a Japanese style flower princess, dressed in a pink kimono living in a massive floating Edo style palace; December is a Siberian style prince living in a fantasy version of St Basil's cathedral with the northern lights int he sky and September is a Western European autumn style lady living in a floating wine estate. Obviously the artists were having fun with "blending the ingridients" to personify each month and in turn each season, fairytale wise.

I don't have bad to say about this game other then same hardcore gamers might find the gameplay repetitive and some months maybe interpreted by some as clinche. For me this was a enjoyable game espeically on the fantastical fantasy like art front.

Here's the trailer from Big Fish's Youtube channel

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