Gamer's Review- Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent

To start off this review....lets add some pictures. This would be my German made Engel Puppin doll from my 19th birthday to the German Pavilion at Epcot in Disney World. Her name is Erika.

Dolls like this are an important element in our review of the 2nd in the Puppet Show series, Souls of the Innocent....my doll is not mechanical or evil...I checked. You are still the same detective from the Joyville case who has been called another small town by a mother whose daughter fallen in a deep sleep which as the introduction sequence heavily suggest, has to do with the recent surge in the sales of beautiful crafted dolls.

Gameplay wise is the same hybrid of HOGs, point click adventure exploring the town and puzzles to unlock well locks.

The dark fantasy elements are still retained....can you say swarms of mechanical doll head spiders running through the streets? In contrast to exploring condemned Joyville, artistic wise this new town is very much vibrant and full of people with even the sun shining bright however the horror elements are still retain as most of the people you encounter are in a deep sleep creating an unsettling feel and the return of the series's trademark as mentioned......Felicia's steampunk/clockpunk mechanical puppets. The inventory menu is still a mechanical clock-punk fan and new steam-punk and clock punk mechanical devices and "beings" are  The expansive painted feel and ornate European design style are still retained too (and expanded on); for example the girl's bedroom greatly heralds motifs from the Palace of Versailles in France and the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. However the new addition to the artistic palette is the use of CGI elements/animation which gets put in beautiful use (or freaking use depending on your POV) with the game's mechanical puppet based opening and menu.

In conclusion this a exciting addition to the fantasy series and an improved mechanics wise from Mystery of Joyville, and continues from where Joyville left off with Felicia. In addition clock-punk games are a very rare sight. The music gets a little repetitive, and the fact the sight of a mechanical doll headed spider sort of takes away the surprise Felicia is at work again non the less game is still very beautiful selection in the HOGs/ casual game genre like my real doll or very terrifying if you have a fear of traditional dolls suddenly coming to life.

Here's the Trailer if you are not convinced...

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