Gamer's Review - Doodle God series

Another mobile/ online game up on the chopping block, the Doodle God series.

Doodle God is very simple, create the world be combining simple, basic elements (fire, water, earth, and air) to create new ones (for example fire + water makes alcohol aka "fire water") and in turn combining those elements to make newer ones until you unlocked all the available elements. There is a general hint system availible that hints to you which group elements will combine with elements from another group however you have to be the one who figures out which specific element combo is the correct one. It is a lot of experimentation and trying out such clues like "firewater" and seeing it water plus lava can make rocks. Fitting in with the philosophical nature of the game, each successful combination is awarded with a proverb or quote relating to what you just made.

For me as a free online game I loved trying to figure what elements will make a new element and the accompanying proverb however it was a lot of experimentation(even with the hint system in place)  and its mind boggling what the actual combinations are (how to make a dinosaur?). However on the design front I love the basic interface (a simple parchment texture as if the player is writing the world in creation) of the game and found the graphics of the elements to be very fittingly iconic yet hand drawn (its called DOODLE god) at the same time.

I haven't played (let alone own) the mobile version but with the online version of the game I was lusting for more and for commuting on transit...this would be a fun game to have on hand. Proverbs on the go I would say.

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