Gamer's Review - Doodle Devil

I can I do two reviews in one night.....because the first game has twin.

From Russian company Joybits Ltd., Doodle Devil is the "evil" twin to Doodle God. While in Doodle God you are making the world and its good things from the four classic Greek elements, however in an interesting twist you are try creating sin, monsters and all the bad things in the world.....zombies anyone? The opening combination fittingly. Combining  "Human" + "Apple" produces "Sin" and "Knowledge". Oh yes the perfect starter to the philological-supernatural hunt...Doodle God 2 expands on the philosophical aspect of the story.

In terms of game play, its carried over from Doodle God (mixing elements, proverb tidbits and hint system included) however since you trying to create the bad things (actually the more other worldly realm of the supernatural) of the world new elemental groups get added; the obvious example being "Demonic/Hell".

Graphic wise the hand drawn iconic look for each element is still retain (its called DOODLE Devil) but the background is rather hellish shade of purple and red.

In conclusion, for me who played the online version of Doodle God and was craving for more this was fun satisfying  and the twist made things have a fresh feel to the usual....I was still craving more at the end and was eagerly waiting for Doodle God 2....

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