Gamer's Review - Bone the Game- Out from Boneville and The Great Cow Race

Bone: Out from Boneville and The Great Cow Race from Telltale Games is based on the award winning graphic novel series Bone. Both games are based on the first two books the series, Out from Boneville and The Great Cow Race respectively.

Gameplay is a mostly point click with the basic interface being the screen, inventory in the corner and the menu in the corner. There is also a hint system for those who get stuck. At some moments like escaping from the rat creatures the game flow changes to something more action, platforming related. In addition we get to switch between the bone cousins and POVs. (Boneville: Fone and Phony and Cow Race: All 3 Bone Cousins). When playing as Fone you take on a more heroic role, scam as Phony, or silly hijinxs with Smiley. Conversations with characters are carried out through branching speech trees...and some of the conversation options are direct from the comic series..leading to some in game reenactments of certain comic book events...just ask the Great Red Dragon "can't you breath fire?"

Is the game accurate to the original source material? In the game's prologue, Thorn narrates the mythology of the valley and the locus lord, unlike in the graphic novel where it gets explained very late into the saga.

In addition the events of Out From Boneville is shortened to one day in comparison to several seasons. However we still get to meet the Bone Cousins in the desert and they get chased by the locus lord.

Some events that were never explored in detail in the comics are explained in the game, for example how did Smiley even get materials for a cow suit? All the major characters have been included and as for vocal styles in terms of yes I thought they would sound like that...Ted is right on the mark... Fone Bone is fair job, Thorn is good, Dragon is close too, Possum kids aww however I thought the Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures would have more slightly raspy, deeper and barely understandable since their speech bubbles in the books suggest so, and Phony although he sounds sneaky and scam..hmm not what I would imagine. Of course how the voices were done is debatable...everyone has a different opinion on what characters would sound like in the comics. I hope to see this gaming series continue onwards into Eyes of the Storm...signing off.

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