Gamer's Review - Beat Hazard Ultra DLC

On the chopping block today and off steam....Beat Hazard's Ultra DLC upgrade. Is it worth getting.

Beat Hazard of one of my favorite games to play on steam. I mean how often do you get to play a shooter piloting a space ship with lots of flashing blinking lights, strobe effects all tuned to your music? Did also mention you are being shot at by enemy space ships of all sizes and magnitude and its all determined by the intensity of the....which I should mention the track list is determined by the song you choose from your mp3 library. Fortunately the power of your weapons are determined by the tempo of the music.

The DLC upgrades brings new enemies on to the field to freshen things up and I very much agree when suddenly serpents crawl into space and I'm frantically shooting and figuring out how to deal with the new enemies....and did I mention suddenly being surrounded by space mines that are gradually closing in on you ready to crush you unless you shoot and fly your way of out the "ring". The new enemy type also extend to the bosses that on occasion appear on screen....imagine my excitement when a evil space star fish wiggles on screen and a giant sized boss ship bigger then regular bosses flies in on screen...with lot of cannons firing at you.

New gaming modes inxlude online play. My first experience with this was being invited to do an online with a user named Rainbow Dash (I should have seen this coming when a Pony invites me to a rainbow duke of task) to what I assume is survival mode....wow my finger were sour. No such thing as lives much to my relief who has a habit of flying into things and frantic wave after waves of enemy ships and giant bosses all out to get you. there was so much happening ....the reason why I kept crashing was I had trouble finding my tiny ship. Big plus if you're big on action and warning if you have side effects from strobe light effects.

In conclusion, it you enjoy the regular Beat Hazard but begging for more in terms of game play ..get this DCL if you want to be flying around from things that aren't always enemy space ships.

Here's the official DLC trailer from cold beam games.

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