Gamer's Review - Axel and Pixel

A digital download gem through the four seasons on the chopping block today....

Axel and Pixel is a flash animation style with photographic and drawn point click adventure where you control either Pixel or Axel venturing through a very surreal and artistic world. Axel has fallen asleep while painting and ends up in a surreal dream of his own artworks. He has to venture to the domain of the ice giant; so he can wake up and finish the master piece he was painting. Through out the journey Axel and Pixel are constantly hindered by an evil rat creature.

Gameplay is split up into different chapters or scenes and is basic point-click game play, as you have to figure out how to advance to the next scene by interacting with the elements within environment (the "cursor" aka cloud of sparkles, turns yellow to highlight a hot spot). For example, some sequences involve pressing a button sequence correctly so Axel can climb a wall. In addition to the point click sequences, Axel and Pixel has to engage in various side scrolling action sequences chasing after the rat in various different vehicles...hot air balloon, boat....

Art wise is where this game shines....its flash style animated however the components being animated are literally hand made, crafted from actual objects or photos...resembling a living diorama in someways. In Axel's dreamy art world, flora and fauna is exotic and everything is not what it seems. Artistic elements and style in each chapter is dictated by a particular season. For example, giant insects and flora rule spring, and my personal favorite winter is a surreal wonderland of ice and snow until you dive deeper into the ice giant's domain.... inside forbidding caves of stone and ice, strange machines of metal stand by waiting to be operated with.

As a final verdict, this is a bizarre looking yet visually game, I wish the adventure went on for longer, and the only hard part I had with this game was the action sequence....keyboards aren't good for making tight corners. I am very satisfied with this game, it deserves a place in my gaming library  and i would suggest it to people looking another point-click to add to their library.

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