Gamer's Review - Audio Surf

What can I say about Audio Surf other its literately playing with your music.

What I like about surf is...gameplay is simple depending on what mode you choose. Basically you're piloting a futuristic vehicle down a grid road hovering in space while collecting neon lights of colourful blocks.I would say the gameplay feel and controls feel whats the word smooth with the different ebbs and flows matching the tempo and pace of the music being played. What is the track list in question....how about your entire MP3 library?

That is what I love about this game...I have played games like Guitar Heroes and DDR but I always long to play with my own music selection, which anyone who knows me is incredible unique with artists you cannot find on the North American market. So a game that lets you customize the musical challenge...nice.

As for art style, its combination of colours (colours get hotter as tempo speeds up), futurism and minimalist art as the track is floating in a space or black or white depending on which settings you choose....in turn looking like a tron-like discotheque race, or a white out version of minimalist art.

If you are wondering when I first downloaded this off Steam long ago....the first song I tested was Susumu Hirasawa's High Minded Castle, then a faster choice test....DCX's Flying High.

I would highly recommend this game for those who both want to play their music and want a custom musical gaming experience.

The trailer from Gameshizzle

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