Gamer's Reveiw - Analogue: A Hate Story First Impressions

Now for our first visual novel game review....

Analogue is available on Steam and when I first play I didn't know what to expect despite playing with Christine Love's other games. I say the interface is awesome... literately you first trying to temper with the ship's computer alias operating the old DOS systems to get the AI online for conversations. Why do you even want the AI online...The setting is thousands of years into the future and the generational ship Mugunghwa has suddenly reappeared after it was lost hundreds of years and you are charged by the space agency with the task of searching through the blocks of data to figure out what happened on that ship. 

The interface for searching through the blocks of emails is very interesting to navigate... very streamed lined, and smooth flowing in a tasteful stark white just like how any computer interface of the future should be. In addition to having to searching through blocks of emails and hexing with the DOS-like override system...you have to communicate with one of two AIs (depending on who you choose to be active) who both have their own opinions of the messages you show them. It becomes obvious as you talk to the AIs (in my case *Hyun-Ae) that these programs are not merely computer programs and when at times will ask your for your opinion about life or the messages about the events that happened on the ship and will express their own opinion and feelings about the subject.

As for the themes...wow this is interesting...Korean ancient culture is heavy and despite being in the future the clocks on the ship seem to have rewind backwards in time (all the email messages so far are dated in the 300's) to the era of ancient nobility and traditional values ruled. As *Hyun-ae  would say it must have been wonderful to first see the white walls of a ship then suddenly washed in a traditional market place. However as it is blatantly stated in the earlier emails and notes it is also, a time where the men were honored and the women were are only meant to be in a subversive role....a theme which *Hyun-ae and the Pale Bride mentioned in messages are sad and furious about. Another story trait is varying for control of the ship side society between two noble families...the Kims and the Smiths.

As for art style....the AI you are talking to is styled after cartoons... Asian comics like mangas and manhwa in particular. The AI is mostly static until the moment where she shows emotion.

So far I feel this is going to be a very interesting investigation but I feel tinge of the tragic coming soon because of the Pale Bridge's rebel attitude in this new "backwards world", the men that want to control her and the fact we are investigating a ship that is now empty and devoid of life. here's the trailer for your consideration.

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