Video Game Review- Pop'n Music Portable for the PSP

For today's gaming review we're doing a hit I brought back from Japan with me from my 2010 trip (see my other blog's entry http://adventuresofsumi.blogspot.ca/2010/05/this-has-been-long-day.html for details) and what do I think of it....here's me as Mimi in Carnival outfit to start.

First Pop'n Music is the popular over 10 years old, Japanese musical arcade gaming series from Konami's Beatmani family (which includes Beatmania IIDX and Dance Dance Revolution) which is the classic beatmani game formula....9 (or 5) colourful buttons which must pushed in time to matching colour pop-kuns on screen....get most of the song chart correct and you pass the song. What sets this series apart from music games is because of its legacy it has over 1000 songs, various different genres ranging from j-rock, russian folk ballads, electronica and gothic, and each song has a cartoon "master" which must be defeated in order to pass.

 However unlike the arcade version the psp version has only a limited amount of songs due to memory space. however it makes it up by having psp exclusive songs (one of them being the "Portable Pop"'s  Ensemble Forecast 3/28), and gaining an exclusive design interface which can customize...plus Mimi and Nyami don picnic outfits. The psp exclusive songs can be unlocked on the arcade version but I never had the chance to try that out. In terms of other songs in the playlist.....Nadeshiko rock fans rejoice because the its here along with others including anime themes...plus wow this JP game can play on a NA psp system:)

Another PSP exclusive gaming mode is the addition of 5 button hyper mode....usually hyper mode is reserved for 9 button play in the arcade games. However the transition from the arcade set up to psp controls is kind of awkward for me since I cannot time as effectively so I actually had to speed up the music chart slight to match my arcade playing style's timing.

Pop'n Music Portable has several modes which include two player battle, classic arcade mode and adventure mode. Adventure is almost an exact copy of Adventure's story hence why the song list in particular has songs from Adventure's song list. You play as Mimi or Nyami going on a picnic and to open more of the world and unlock more songs you have to defeat the masters at both their own songs and under their own terms which include thing like get 40 "GREAT" hits, pop-kuns turn into something esle or playing half-blind. The Initial challenge must be played in 5 button mode. For me adventure mode was fun because well....Pop'n Music is rare in North America....this is a dream come true.

In conclusion for fans of Pop'n Music who want to take the experience on the road this is a must....for those who are fans AND who know Pop'n Music is rare/impossible to find in North America...GET THIS!! its a much better adaptation then the Wii version right down to the song selection and playing style.

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