Gamer's Review - Drawn the Painted Tower

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Today's review is the casual point click/ puzzle adventure game available both on Big Fish and Steam (with achievements , Drawn: the Painted Tower. It may be a casual and smaller then usual game but this is one of the most imaginative, epic, whimsical and fantastic game series out there. The Painted tower is the first in the Drawn trilogy. Without giving away too much in the Painted Tower you have to help a young girl escape from the titular tower before invading forces arrive at the tower. However this is no ordinary girl not because she is the last and heir of the land's royal family but she also has special gift to bring her paintings to life.

The girl's special gift is central to the game play. For example, one task could be using the drawing of a door handle to open the door or the more dramatic task, you have to restore a paintings back to good condition and literally enter the painting. The paintings is where the art work (which I should mention is painterly in style) literally shines. The tower itself is dark and gloomy representing the darkness that has over taken the land but once you enter the girl's paintings you are greeted with colours of a child-like innocence. Painted worlds are very imaginative and original....a griffin overseeing an ice kingdom, dragon's cave, a farm at sun set, a thunder swept cave.....these are just some of the world you can enter and explore.

The only complaints I have is there is glitch when moving between the 1st and 2nd floor and those who don't know there is a sequel might find the ending abit abrupt.

Here's the Trailer from Big Fish...

Next time we'll review Drawn: Dark Flight.

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