Gamer's Review- Drawn: Dark Flight

Here we are with Drawn Dark Flight the review.

Like the previous installment The Painted Tower the game play is the same point and click adventure set up with puzzles except this while you were stuck in the tower trying to save the girl and get to know her plight, this TIME you have to venture outside of the tower and help save the entire kingdom. With bigger goal and space to explore the graphics have improved greatly and the musical score sounds more epic and emotional in scale.

To refresh you are trying to save a girl with the special ability to bring her paintings to life. Dark Flight starts off from where you last started in Painted Tower which in hiding in the basement of the tower. The only place that gets revisited is the first floor of the tower however you soon discover that are still some hidden secrets left to uncover literately....more like tear down.

Entering paintings are still an important part of the game play however this time you are not just entering standard framed paintings but this time the mediums expand to a library's mural, a shop window display, and a theatre poster. New gameplay elements include manipulating a pop up book so it effects reality, and because the themes extend beyond paintings into music and literature...you have to solve musical and word code puzzles

I would highly suggest this game, especially if you want to see what happens after Painted Tower. This series is one of the best and imaginative fantasy game series out there.

Here's the trailer from big fish to show you why...

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