Anime Evolution 2012- Day 1 in Artist Alley

Owww long day why...because it was the first time in my entire life I was in artist alley. I was in my engel dreizehn persona...the one going crazy with the german flag and had the wings.... and this is how my table looked at the start of the convention

To my great joy....i was able to sell stuff and was able to so far.....cover half of my table rent:) I'll be at artist alley tomorrow and I will have the fallowing deals at my table for the last day of convention..

$1 off small cross stitches
$2 off medium cross stitches.
$10 for a set of a large and medium 8 bit sprite beads.

The cosplays look fantastic and what will happen....and I wish my fellow artist alley artists good luck on the last day of Anime Evolution.:)

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