Animated Reviews- Too Many Pinkie Pies

Like many ponies....we all probably saw Too Many Pinkie Pies this week....watch this episode for the G3 allusion or you just love Pinkie Pie.

Now we all know Pinkie Pie is the most hyper active pony in all of Equestaria....but what happens when you multiple Pinkie by a dozen, or two? You get "Too Many Pinkie Pies". As for Pinkie Pie its great to see that one thing she loves more then fun is having fun with her friends, so what can go wrong with making multiples with help of a magic mirror so she can have fun with all of them. Pinkie Mania!!!!....I must say swarms of Pinkies is as close to a day of the pod people...I mean ponies (all the Pinkie clones are focused on fun fun) horror story Friendship is Magic ever going to get, even Pinkie herself is horrified. It's kind of cute to see a hall full of pinkies suddenly sit on command. The paint drying test is full of slight gags from the simple(bouncy Pinkie) to crazy faces (G3 Pony Alert!!!!). In conclusion this episode, we get to see Pinkie become sad and serious and the gag based situation....TOO MANY PINKIES...also keep an eye out for Fluttershy's woodland friend tea party, and things getting turned into oranges.

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