Animated Reviews- Partysaurus Rex

A short review for a short but its going to be fun.

What could go wrong when Rex become sthe light of a bathtub rave? Partysaurus Rex is the latest from Pixar's Toy Story shorts. For the story stand point, it was interesting chance to see Rex the accident prone dinosaur in the spotlight, and almost let of his overly safe personalty with the bath tub party only for him to revert back to his old personality to prevent the party from flooding the house (see short to see if he succeeds). Rex himself after the whole ordeal feels fired up he is the "Partysaurus Rex". In addition we get to see the rest of Bonnie's toy collection....the bath toys.

As for the animation, I say colour is the king here in this short...and when I say colour I mean blinding rave party, neon light colours set to rave music, which I should add is composed by BT the same artist who composed music for Tokyo Mater. Bath toys sure know how to throw a party!!! From a technical stand point, amazing animation with not only animated moving water but also with  rave lighting effects and dozens of animated toys floating around.

I await to see what other shorts Pixar has in store for us....here's a sneak of Rex in action

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