A Little Peg-Assistence

Another Cosplayer Lover's related nail job....last time I painted my nails with Rainbow Honey Koi Pond and Kawako for halloween and Anime Evolution 2012. Now it's my university grad nail job:) I painted my nails with Rainbow Honey's "A Little Kindness" and "20% Cooler". I couldn't decide between the two for my graduation ceremony so.....I put both of them on my hands...I mean hooves. Its a good combo the two pegasi on my "hooves"...notice how colour alternates. Even more inspiring watching "Hurricane Fluttershy" and "Read it and Weep" while painting my hooves. I say "A Little Kindness" is perfect for sweet, gothic and princess lolita styles:)

 Left Hoof

 Right Hoof

I would like to that a moment to thank Rainbow Honey for coming up with  nail polishes not tested on animals, free of the big 3, and colours that appeal to the cosplayer at large.:) Most importantly I would to thank my sister the blogger of cosmetic proof (http://www.cosmeticproof.com/) for getting me these nail polishes (plus Kawako and Koi Pond) for my graduation gift.

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