Gamer's Review- Drawn: Dark Flight

Here we are with Drawn Dark Flight the review.

Like the previous installment The Painted Tower the game play is the same point and click adventure set up with puzzles except this while you were stuck in the tower trying to save the girl and get to know her plight, this TIME you have to venture outside of the tower and help save the entire kingdom. With bigger goal and space to explore the graphics have improved greatly and the musical score sounds more epic and emotional in scale.

To refresh you are trying to save a girl with the special ability to bring her paintings to life. Dark Flight starts off from where you last started in Painted Tower which in hiding in the basement of the tower. The only place that gets revisited is the first floor of the tower however you soon discover that are still some hidden secrets left to uncover literately....more like tear down.

Entering paintings are still an important part of the game play however this time you are not just entering standard framed paintings but this time the mediums expand to a library's mural, a shop window display, and a theatre poster. New gameplay elements include manipulating a pop up book so it effects reality, and because the themes extend beyond paintings into music and literature...you have to solve musical and word code puzzles

I would highly suggest this game, especially if you want to see what happens after Painted Tower. This series is one of the best and imaginative fantasy game series out there.

Here's the trailer from big fish to show you why...


Gamer's Review - Drawn the Painted Tower

Hello the sea called the internet how are we all doing today?

Today's review is the casual point click/ puzzle adventure game available both on Big Fish and Steam (with achievements , Drawn: the Painted Tower. It may be a casual and smaller then usual game but this is one of the most imaginative, epic, whimsical and fantastic game series out there. The Painted tower is the first in the Drawn trilogy. Without giving away too much in the Painted Tower you have to help a young girl escape from the titular tower before invading forces arrive at the tower. However this is no ordinary girl not because she is the last and heir of the land's royal family but she also has special gift to bring her paintings to life.

The girl's special gift is central to the game play. For example, one task could be using the drawing of a door handle to open the door or the more dramatic task, you have to restore a paintings back to good condition and literally enter the painting. The paintings is where the art work (which I should mention is painterly in style) literally shines. The tower itself is dark and gloomy representing the darkness that has over taken the land but once you enter the girl's paintings you are greeted with colours of a child-like innocence. Painted worlds are very imaginative and original....a griffin overseeing an ice kingdom, dragon's cave, a farm at sun set, a thunder swept cave.....these are just some of the world you can enter and explore.

The only complaints I have is there is glitch when moving between the 1st and 2nd floor and those who don't know there is a sequel might find the ending abit abrupt.

Here's the Trailer from Big Fish...

Next time we'll review Drawn: Dark Flight.


The DSi Adventures - The Cirque Du Soleil Tent in Vancouver.

Nothing makes a Sunday early afternoon magical then walking around Concord Pacific with your faithful Nintendo DSi on hand and then visiting the Cirque Du Soleil's Amaluna tent set up in Vancouver. I didn't see the show (I'm going to see it in the future though) but its kind of magical just visiting the tent and seeing it. I think I heard the crew warming up for the upcoming matinee show and I was only allowed to explore until the ticket booth but still plenty for my faithful DSi to capture....and it  inspired me think about my own outfit when I get to see the show myself. Plus I met some fellow Artist Alley artists who were going to see the show.

Note all the following pictures were taken from the lens of a Nintendo DSi.

I can say right now I cannot wait until I get to see the show myself and I am predicting it is going to be a magical night of acrobatics and costumes.:)


Animated Reviews- Partysaurus Rex

A short review for a short but its going to be fun.

What could go wrong when Rex become sthe light of a bathtub rave? Partysaurus Rex is the latest from Pixar's Toy Story shorts. For the story stand point, it was interesting chance to see Rex the accident prone dinosaur in the spotlight, and almost let of his overly safe personalty with the bath tub party only for him to revert back to his old personality to prevent the party from flooding the house (see short to see if he succeeds). Rex himself after the whole ordeal feels fired up he is the "Partysaurus Rex". In addition we get to see the rest of Bonnie's toy collection....the bath toys.

As for the animation, I say colour is the king here in this short...and when I say colour I mean blinding rave party, neon light colours set to rave music, which I should add is composed by BT the same artist who composed music for Tokyo Mater. Bath toys sure know how to throw a party!!! From a technical stand point, amazing animation with not only animated moving water but also with  rave lighting effects and dozens of animated toys floating around.

I await to see what other shorts Pixar has in store for us....here's a sneak of Rex in action


Mystery Case Files Shadow Lake - First Impressions

Praise casual/ mystery game lovers because Big Fish has released the next installment of Mystery Case Files....which for Game Club Members is 2 days early.

Firstly Mystery Case File is part "point click" adventure, part solving puzzles, and part finding objects in the world's messiest room (remember those I Spy days?). Supernatural and Psychological Horror is the main story theme of the series and it's no different in Shadow Lake when you have to explore a mysterious town cursed and devoid of the people...well you;re almost alone and it isn't just the ghost hunters TV crew. Another main feature of this installment is the blending of live action scenes with the gaming environment. For example you are aided through out the investigation by the medium played by Back to the Future's Lea Thompson.

As for the puzzles, I found the hidden object segments to be interesting and a "spin" on the regular HOG scenes because the scenes of the very scenes you have to travel to; not a separate scene specific to HOGs only. Plus you're not searching through one scene for objects but traveling through several scenes to look for your list of items. The other puzzles are the classic jigsaw (but ever done a jigsaw puzzle of a video playback while floating in space?) and the various different puzzles which include connect the wires. For me the video play-back puzzles were kind of an interesting spin on jig saw puzzles but at the same time it was tricky(and madding at times) to get used to trying to shift pieces into place, in zero-g. At least the pieces lock into place when correctly aligned.

As for horror factor...it is kind of obvious we are not alone but its kind of freaky when suddenly the news caster in a news broadcast suddenly screams at you, looking through a key hole another eye is looking right back at you, flashes of a burn victim appears when you close a medicine cabinet, and the figure in photo suddenly lashes out at you. The graphics are an improvement compared tot he rest of the series. Although personally the hand down backgrounds have a certain appeal, cgi and fog give the game a visual gloomy, supernatural feel.

Here's the sneak peak from Big Fish...


Animated Reviews- Too Many Pinkie Pies

Like many ponies....we all probably saw Too Many Pinkie Pies this week....watch this episode for the G3 allusion or you just love Pinkie Pie.

Now we all know Pinkie Pie is the most hyper active pony in all of Equestaria....but what happens when you multiple Pinkie by a dozen, or two? You get "Too Many Pinkie Pies". As for Pinkie Pie its great to see that one thing she loves more then fun is having fun with her friends, so what can go wrong with making multiples with help of a magic mirror so she can have fun with all of them. Pinkie Mania!!!!....I must say swarms of Pinkies is as close to a day of the pod people...I mean ponies (all the Pinkie clones are focused on fun fun) horror story Friendship is Magic ever going to get, even Pinkie herself is horrified. It's kind of cute to see a hall full of pinkies suddenly sit on command. The paint drying test is full of slight gags from the simple(bouncy Pinkie) to crazy faces (G3 Pony Alert!!!!). In conclusion this episode, we get to see Pinkie become sad and serious and the gag based situation....TOO MANY PINKIES...also keep an eye out for Fluttershy's woodland friend tea party, and things getting turned into oranges.


Video Game Review- Pop'n Music Portable for the PSP

For today's gaming review we're doing a hit I brought back from Japan with me from my 2010 trip (see my other blog's entry http://adventuresofsumi.blogspot.ca/2010/05/this-has-been-long-day.html for details) and what do I think of it....here's me as Mimi in Carnival outfit to start.

First Pop'n Music is the popular over 10 years old, Japanese musical arcade gaming series from Konami's Beatmani family (which includes Beatmania IIDX and Dance Dance Revolution) which is the classic beatmani game formula....9 (or 5) colourful buttons which must pushed in time to matching colour pop-kuns on screen....get most of the song chart correct and you pass the song. What sets this series apart from music games is because of its legacy it has over 1000 songs, various different genres ranging from j-rock, russian folk ballads, electronica and gothic, and each song has a cartoon "master" which must be defeated in order to pass.

 However unlike the arcade version the psp version has only a limited amount of songs due to memory space. however it makes it up by having psp exclusive songs (one of them being the "Portable Pop"'s  Ensemble Forecast 3/28), and gaining an exclusive design interface which can customize...plus Mimi and Nyami don picnic outfits. The psp exclusive songs can be unlocked on the arcade version but I never had the chance to try that out. In terms of other songs in the playlist.....Nadeshiko rock fans rejoice because the its here along with others including anime themes...plus wow this JP game can play on a NA psp system:)

Another PSP exclusive gaming mode is the addition of 5 button hyper mode....usually hyper mode is reserved for 9 button play in the arcade games. However the transition from the arcade set up to psp controls is kind of awkward for me since I cannot time as effectively so I actually had to speed up the music chart slight to match my arcade playing style's timing.

Pop'n Music Portable has several modes which include two player battle, classic arcade mode and adventure mode. Adventure is almost an exact copy of Adventure's story hence why the song list in particular has songs from Adventure's song list. You play as Mimi or Nyami going on a picnic and to open more of the world and unlock more songs you have to defeat the masters at both their own songs and under their own terms which include thing like get 40 "GREAT" hits, pop-kuns turn into something esle or playing half-blind. The Initial challenge must be played in 5 button mode. For me adventure mode was fun because well....Pop'n Music is rare in North America....this is a dream come true.

In conclusion for fans of Pop'n Music who want to take the experience on the road this is a must....for those who are fans AND who know Pop'n Music is rare/impossible to find in North America...GET THIS!! its a much better adaptation then the Wii version right down to the song selection and playing style.


My Artwork Has been featured on another blog.

Awesome!!!!! My photo of fall leaves from my neighborhood posted on my DA Engel Dreizehn account. This is the picture in question.
Come on and have look in the mean time other great pieces of art on the blog:) Thank you for the honor of this mention with other great artist.


A Little Peg-Assistence

Another Cosplayer Lover's related nail job....last time I painted my nails with Rainbow Honey Koi Pond and Kawako for halloween and Anime Evolution 2012. Now it's my university grad nail job:) I painted my nails with Rainbow Honey's "A Little Kindness" and "20% Cooler". I couldn't decide between the two for my graduation ceremony so.....I put both of them on my hands...I mean hooves. Its a good combo the two pegasi on my "hooves"...notice how colour alternates. Even more inspiring watching "Hurricane Fluttershy" and "Read it and Weep" while painting my hooves. I say "A Little Kindness" is perfect for sweet, gothic and princess lolita styles:)

 Left Hoof

 Right Hoof

I would like to that a moment to thank Rainbow Honey for coming up with  nail polishes not tested on animals, free of the big 3, and colours that appeal to the cosplayer at large.:) Most importantly I would to thank my sister the blogger of cosmetic proof (http://www.cosmeticproof.com/) for getting me these nail polishes (plus Kawako and Koi Pond) for my graduation gift.


Day 2- Mission Successful- Anime Evolution 2012

Just came back from Anime Evolution and it was success for a first timer in artist...it was a mission success I was able to both break even with the table rent and get some pocket money:) but ooo exhausting work...i managed to sell off my perler bead works...some which are featured in the blog via past entries....now i know what will sell or not.

It been a tiring day time to relax now...thk you to all who visited my table and bought something from me.:)


Anime Evolution 2012- Day 1 in Artist Alley

Owww long day why...because it was the first time in my entire life I was in artist alley. I was in my engel dreizehn persona...the one going crazy with the german flag and had the wings.... and this is how my table looked at the start of the convention

To my great joy....i was able to sell stuff and was able to so far.....cover half of my table rent:) I'll be at artist alley tomorrow and I will have the fallowing deals at my table for the last day of convention..

$1 off small cross stitches
$2 off medium cross stitches.
$10 for a set of a large and medium 8 bit sprite beads.

The cosplays look fantastic and what will happen....and I wish my fellow artist alley artists good luck on the last day of Anime Evolution.:)