Pokemon White 2 first impression

playing and blogging at the sametime...joy. The game in question is Pokemon White 2 and oh yes I got it on release day which today.:) So my impressions are wow this game has better graphics so far then White. The graphic interface of BW2 menus and the c-gear touch screen side to invoke thoughts of the ipod's/ipad's interface more so then BW.....c-gear seems akin to making ripples in the pond with your fingers. Game experience impressions...it is worth pre-ordering for the new adventure and features:)

Like any pre-order of any major game...this one comes with gifts which assume only "Toys R Us" has. The gift is a commemorative coin of either black or white Kyurem depending on the version you ordered. Here's my coin.

Just like BW the starter Pokemon remain the however you start off in a new town in another of Unova....keep in mind that BW2 is set 2 years after BW...so the heroes of the previous game will be your mentor. I was greatly interest that a greater varaity of pokemon from other regions/elements are available near the start allowing for greater team customization from the start. This I suspect could be to even the odds for new players to keep up with team diversity with older players like me.

As for new features so far....memory link allows you to link BW and BW2 together for certain events like the flashbacks and when the heroes talked about "you" the trainer from BW....your character's name will be used instead of the generic trainer.

Medals are sort of like merit badges...do certain tasks like trading x number of times, or memory link to earn that. This part I love so far....who loves to collect badges?:)

So far I am enjoying this game as we speak and looking forward to this new adventure.

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