Getting ready for AE 2012 in the fall

Getting ready for Anime Evolution 2012 in the fall but this is time I'm not going to be in the contest. I'm going to be in artist alley as my Engel Dreizehn persona and crossing my fingers this goes well. Going to be selling my creative 8-bit art which includes my perler beads and my cross stitch patches and my "No Passport" series postcards from cafepress....this is the inventory so far.

The inventory is going to get bigger of course.....like this recent little guy I just stitched.

But right i can take requests if anyone coming to the convention is interested. I can take requests before the convention. It's 5 dollars Canadian for a patch like the celebi pictured above and 3 dollars for small perler bead art like the piplup and frilish pictured in the first picture. I'll hold the commission until you show up at my table at AE.:) and of course have fun everyone and come on down and visit my booth in the artist alley.

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